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Book Review: All The Greek Verbs

All The Greek Verbs

Author(s):N. Marinone
Date Published:1985
Website:None listed
Appropriate for Age:All
Keywords:classical, parse, principal parts


 This is a handbook of no interest to anyone other than Greek readers, but it has helped several generations of students to find their way back from some of the more cryptic principal parts to the citation form of a given verb. (Those who know what all this means will appreciate it; those who don’t won’t find the book at all useful anyway.) The basic text of the book is in Italian (and it can be found under the title Tutti i Verbi Greci), but that doesn’t matter: the basic point is clearly conveyed in its tidy listings of all the basic forms. Some of that functionality is also available from the Perseus website, but the handbook is portable and doesn't get overloaded with other users.

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