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Course: Greek V

V Greek V • Offering for 2017 • Grade 11 or above • Greek Sequence
* Primary Instructor
Bruce McMenomy
* Sections
[Enrolled students will be notified if teacher schedules change between course posting at the time enrollment opens and the scheduled start of classes. Please see Tuition and Fees for refund policy.]
Section dates, meeting times, and tuition are still being determined.
* Website
Please review more extensive materials at the teacher's Greek V website.
* Description
An introduction to Attic drama, based upon E. R. Dodds' very thorough student edition (with commentary) of Euripides' Bacchae. We will read the entire play through the year, and discuss its linguistic and artistic challenges, as well as the nature of text survivals from the ancient world.
* Meetings
This course meets once a week for discussion and review of assigned homework.
* Homework
The play under investigation is not exceptionally long, but its demands are considerable. Students should expect to spend at least an hour a day outside of class through the week.
* Prerequisites
Greek IV; Greek III and instructor permission, or equivalent preparation.
* Recommended background
A thorough understanding of Attic Greek is essential for success in this course.
V Textbooks and Materials
* An Intermediate Greek-English Lexicon : Founded upon the 7th ed. of Liddell and Scott's Greek-English Lexicon. 1889.
H. G. Liddell, Robert Scott
This text is required.
ISBN: 0199102066
Best sources: Scholars Online Bookstore
* Bacchae
Euripides, E. R. Dodds (Editor)
This text is required.
ISBN: 0198721250
Best sources: Scholars Online Bookstore
Other information: One of the finest single-play editions with commentary available; very challenging but very solid.
* Greek Grammar
Herbert Weir Smyth, Gordon M. Messing
This text is required.
ISBN: 0674362500
Best sources: Scholars Online Bookstore
* Looking at Bacchae (Edition: 1)
David Stuttard
This text is required.
ISBN: 1474221475
Best sources: Scholars Online Bookstore
Other information: Alternate (e-book, hardback) forms of the book are equally acceptable.

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