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Course: Latin Tutorial

V Latin Tutorial • 2017 listing - for reference only • Grade 7 or above • Latin Sequence
* Primary Instructor
Mattias Gassman
* Sections
[Enrolled students will be notified if teacher schedules change between course posting at the time enrollment opens and the scheduled start of classes. Please see Tuition and Fees for refund policy.]
Section 1 [Private Tutorial] Instructor: Mattias Gassman
Classes meet from September 5, 2017 to June 1, 2018
Sunday 9:30 PM to 10:30 PM ET • Wednesday 7:30 PM to 8:30 PM ET
Enrollment Policy: Rolling
Tuition: $40.00 per hour

* Website
There is currently no teacher website for this course.
* Description
Latin tutorials using Frederic Wheelock's Wheelock's Latin Grammar can be designed to cover specific chapters over one or two semesters to prepare new students or second year students to continue with Latin II or III, or to meet local school or college requirements. Students using the tutorial option will meet one or more times weekly in individual sessions with the instructor to address the student's specific level and needs.
* Meetings
Please contact instructor for information on how often the course will meet online in chat.
* Homework
Homework assignments and number of sections will be determined in consultation with the instructor at the beginning of each term.
* Prerequisites
* Recommended background
Strong language skills are helpful, but the course will certainly provide the necessary grounding.
* Instructor's Notes
Students requesting tutorials will work with the instructor to identify meeting times and the schedule of material to be covered. Course tuition will be adjusted once the length of instruction (total number of hours) has been determined.
V Textbooks and Materials
* Wheelock's Latin, Seventh Revised Ed. (Edition: 7)
Frederic M. Wheelock, Richard A. LaFleur
This text is required.
ISBN: 0061997226
Best sources: Scholars Online Bookstore
Other information: Other books may be added as arranged with each student.

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