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Planning your Classical Education Curriculum for a College-Bound Student

A Complete Classical Education

A full classical education should provide students with the basic concepts of important subjects, but more significantly, it should provide them with the tools to continue learning, not merely to complete college-level courses, or to retrain for a new job, but to gain the wisdom and understanding that will guide them to discern and fulfill God's will for their lifetimes.

Scholars Online offers courses in sequences of subject matter that allow students to gain mastery over each subject through rigorous study of fundamentals and constant application of skills, spread out over a six-year program that can begin in sixth grade, depending on the individual student's preparation. Students who can begin one or more of the sequences in grade 6 will have more time to devote to subsquent courses taken later.

Curriculum Plan

The following chart shows the curriculum plan for a student beginning as late as possible to complete each sequence. Students normally would begin more courses in the sixth grade year than shown. Courses with (*) have been designed to prepare students to take the AP examination for that subject, but which have not been certified for AP credit, since AP syllabus requirements did not meet our standards for the course.

Curriculum by Sequence (see also Curriculum by Grade below)

Summaries of each sequence are given on individual pages, along with the course listings for the current academic year and summer sessions. The following lists are guidelines only. Individual students may be able to accerate some areas, and others may not be able to include all sequences in their curriculum.

Curriculum by Grade (see also Curriculum by Sequence above)

Scholars Online is currently engaged in accreditation evaluation by MSA-CESS for the 2017-2018 academic year and following years. Courses taken from Fall 2009 - Spring 2017 were fully accredited by AdvancED and NWAC. For more information on accreditation, see our Scholars Online Accreditation page.