Algebra 1

James Caleb Dean
for Scholars Online
2020-21: MWF, 8:00-9:00 AM Eastern Time

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General course overview and outline of expectations

The purpose of this course is for the students to discover the principles of Mathematics through exploration, and then to solidify this knowledge through practice. The reading of Discovering Algebra: An Investigative Approach leads the students to their own discovery of the mathematics. This will be complemented with problem sets that will allow the students to solidfy their skills. This course examines 1) the acquisition, analysis, and display of data (graphs and charts), 2) multiple representations of linear and quadratic relations, equations, inequalities, and functions, and 3) factoring and multiplying expressions. As time permits, we may examine 1) experimental and theoretical probability and 2) simple trigonometry. Throughout, careful reasoning and real understanding are encouraged and prized.

There are 4 kinds of assignments: Reading, Homework, Tests, and Exams.

If you look at the schedule or the class page, most class dates have a reading assignment associated with them. In every class we will be covering a Lesson from the book, and the reading is the section we are covering. This reading must be done before class on that day.

Homework is a selection of problems pulled from the Exercises at the end of the lesson. They will be due by the end of the day of the next class. For example, if we cover a section on Monday, the homework for the section will be due Wednesday night, Wednesday class homework is due Friday night, and Friday class homework is due next Monday night. However, I do encourage turning in the homework ahead of time if possible. It is important that homework is started before the next class so that there is time to ask questions either in class or by email.

Tests are a set of questions created to test your understanding of a chapter. These will be printed out and completed by hand while proctored. These will also have a due date of two class days after the chapter is completed. If a chapter is particularly long, there may be a test that covers the first half.

Exams are compilation of problems from all the previous chapters. These are meant to test your understanding of all the material that we have covered this year. Each exam will be preceded by a review of the chapters that will be covered. These will be printed out and completed by hand while proctored. These will also have a due date of two class days after the review is completed. There are 3 exams in total.

To submit any of the homework, quizzes, tests, or exams, there will be a link on the class page where you can upload the assignment. You can type it up to a word document or scan it to an image (recommended), and then upload that file on this page. I will grade the assignment, return the corrections to the student, and then we will discuss the assignment in the next class. Assignments can be submitted after their due date, but there is a cumulative penalty to the grade for each day that it is late.

The student's grade at the end of the course will be determined by their class participation and the weighted grades of their assignments.

Participation: 20%

Homework: 20%

Tests: 30%

Exams: 30%

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