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Timothy S. Dean

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A little about me: I graduated from the University of Dallas in 2010 with a B.A. in Classical Philology and Mathematics and a concentration in Computer Science. Homeschooled from kindergarten through high school, I began taking classes from Scholars Online Academy in 1999. Under the tutelage of the McMenomys, I studied English, Latin, Greek, Chemistry, Physics, Cryptography, and Perl. While attending UD, I spent a semester in Rome studying the history of art, patristics, and western civilization; a summer term in Austria (University of Klagenfurt) studying German; and a semester in Oxford (New College) studying early Christian ecclesiology and Greek composition. In 2014 I received my Masters from Montana State University in computer science.

I spent a decade running working as a private tutor and, when I could not keep up with demand, connecting clients to other tutors. Right now for my day job I build databases and related tech for Workiva. I have lived in Oklahoma, New Mexico, Utah, Missouri, Iowa, Texas, and Montana. My interests include education, languages, programming, church history, running, music (I play piano) and, of course, games.