Scholars Online Registration and Enrollment Opens 1 March 2018

Sarah Esposito will Teach Greek Again!

We are delighted to welcome back Mrs. Sarah Esposito as our 2018-2019 Greek I instructor. Mrs. Esposito has been involved in online education since 1997, when she first began taking high school courses from Scholars' Online Academy. As a graduate of the Latin and English sequences and a long time student of Dr. Bruce and Dr. Christe McMenomy, she is a second-generation teacher at Scholars Online.

Sarah received her BA in Classics from Middlebury College in 2006. While in college, she studied Greek and Roman history and archeology in Sicily, Naples, and Rome on the 2004 Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies' Semester in Rome Program. In 2012, she completed her MA at the University of Carolina at Chapel Hill with a thesis interpreting Thucydides' discussions of the Athenian tyrannicides. Other research interests include Greek thought in Vergil's Georgics and Herodotus' portrayals of non-Greek peoples in the Histories.

Mrs. Esposito's experience includes teaching Latin in a brick-and-mortar setting as a UNC Chapel Hill graduate teaching fellow. She has also tutored and coached writing both online and face-to-face for the UNC Chapel Hill Writing Center. This will be her eighth year teaching Greek I for Scholars Online.

Enrollment and Registration for 2018-2019 courses

Scholars Online offers a rigorous and complete middle school through high school curriculum designed to prepare students for college and for life. Many of our dedicated teachers have advanced degrees in their field or are state-certified, and have extensive experience in online course delivery.

Summer courses for 2018:

Confirmed academic year courses for 2018-2019 as of February 28, 2019:

A comprehensive course listing with teachers, class schedule, and tuition fees is available at the 2018 Course Listing page. Teachers are still adding courses and sections, so be sure to check this listing frequently for additional courses and updates to schedule information.

If you are interested in a custom-designed tutorial or chat sessions at a time other than those offered, please let the Administration Office know your course requirements and we will help you identify a tutor. Note that tutorial sessions are charged on a per-hour basis, with fees set by the tutor.

Curriculum Planning

What does a classical Christian education look like? The Scholars Online Board of Directors has identified the key courses of a classical education, and laid out a curriculum offering covering Latin, Greek, Literature, Mathematics, Science, History, Modern Languages, Programming and Logic, and Composition courses for grades six through twelve. This curriculum emphasizes development of critical thinking skills, written communication, and subject mastery at each level. For details about the course offerings, appropriate sequence and grade levels, check out the Complete Classical Education curriculum page.

If you have questions about your pupil's readiness for a specific course, email the teacher by clicking on the teacher's name at the Scholars Online Teacher Page or ask our academic advisor, Mrs. LaJuana Decker (see Contacts).

Accreditation of Scholars Online Courses

Scholars Online has completed the formal submission and review of its application for Candidacy as a member of the Middle States Association of colleges and Schools Commission on Elementary and Secondary Schools (MSA-CESS), and we have met with MSA-CESS representatives. We hope to shortly confirm our candidacy acceptance, with accreditation to include the 2017-2018 academic year. If you have concerns about formal accreditation for your courses in the interim, please contact us. There are a number of options for parents and students who require formal accreditation for scholarship, employment, sports participation, or military service applications.

Scholarship Fund

Scholars Online receives donations for scholarships directly, and dedicates all money received from its Bookstore Amazon Associates affiliation to the Scholarship fund. Scholarships are granted on a case-by-case basis for tuition assistance when students would otherwise be unable to take courses due to job loss, medical expenses, or other family emergencies. Please contact to request information about scholarship availability for the 2018 Summer and 2018-2019 Academic Year Courses.

Direct contributions to our scholarship fund are tax-exempt, as Scholars Online is a 501(c)(3) organization. To make a donation by check or online, see our Scholarship page. You may also donate by making purchases from through the Scholars Online Bookstore site or by designating Scholars Online as your charity of choice at

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