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Continuing in the Word

Dr. Bruce McMenomy has posted a new article on the Autonomy of Means Again: “Best Practices” [January 2, 2020] at the Scholars Online blog, Continuing in the Word. We hope you find these insights into Scholars Online’s approach to classical Christian education useful.

Curriculum Planning for 2020

What does a classical Christian education look like? Scholars Online offers courses covering Latin, Greek, Literature, Mathematics, Science, History, Modern Languages, Programming, Logic, and Composition for grades six and above, and we welcome adults in our classes. Our curriculum emphasizes development of critical thinking skills, written communication, and subject mastery at each level. For details about the course offerings, appropriate sequence and grade levels, check out our Classical Education curriculum page.

If you have questions about your pupil’s readiness for a specific course, email the teacher by clicking on the teacher’s name at the Scholars Online Teacher Page or ask our academic advisor, Mrs. LaJuana Decker (see Support under the About Us heading).

If you are interested in a custom-designed tutorial, please let the Administration Office know your course requirements and we will help you identify a tutor. Note that tutorial sessions are charged on a per-hour basis, with fees set by the tutor.

We are starting to post courses for summer 2020 and the academic term for 2020-2021 and will be adding more to the list as teachers confirm their availability. Please let the teacher know if you are interested in a course but can’t make the chat sessions at the time listed; teachers may be able to work out alternate session times with other students or add sections.

Enrollment for Summer and Academic Year courses opens March 1, 2020.

National Latin Exam, National Greek Exam, and the Online Exams.

The National Greek and Latin exams provide opportunities for homeschooled students to receive recognition for their accomplishments, and allow them to compete for scholarships provided by the American Classical League. Scholars Online students have excelled in these examinations, winning gold and silver awards in Latin, high and highest honors in the Greek exam, and even the Greek Scholarship.

Scholars Online does not directly administer these examinations, so you must make your own arrangements.

The 2020 National Greek Exam will be administered March 1-6, 2020. Students can choose from among several exams depending on their level of experience. Students with special circumstances (including homeschool students) should contact Greek Exam Chair Generosa Sangco-Jackson at mailto:greekexam@aclclassics.org by January 17, 2020, and request registration instructions for homeschoolers. Students achieving purple or blue ribbons in the Homeric and Attic Greek examinations may apply for a $2000 scholarship to continue their Greek studies in college. Check the NGE website to get more information, descriptions of the syllabus covered by each exam, past exam samples, preparation guidelines, and to order copies of the exam.

The 2020 National Latin Exam is offered at seven levels and will be administered March 8-12, 2020. This exam is now offered online for schools and homeschoolers. You must order your examination for online testing at the National Latin Exam website by January 21, 2020. Check the National Latin Exam website to get more information, descriptions of the syllabus covered by each exam, past exam samples, and preparation guidelines. Students achieving gold medal levels in the Latin II, III-IV Prose, III-IV Poetry, and Latin V-VI Exams in their senior year of high school are eligible to apply for one of five $2000 scholarships, renewable for each year the student continues to study Latin in college.

Student Record Access

Scholars Online supports parent access to minor students’ records in several ways. Transcript information for completed courses is available through the parent Account Management Center webpage. This record is always available to parents, and we’re happy to send official transcripts on school letterhead at your request for admissions and scholarship applications at no cost to you.

Parents can also monitor student performance by using the Moodle Mentor blocks on their own Moodle home page. We’ve set up the block to allow you to check whether your students have completed assignments and to review grades and teacher feedback. Follow the instructions on the Parent’s Account Guide Section III: Moodle Resources for Parents to see how your student is doing.

Do note that federal rules for student educational records restrict access to these records once the student turns 18. We periodically review and update Scholars Online Mentor block access and parent Account Management Center access to student records and convert student memberships to adult memberships with personal access to their records when students turn eighteen. Students who wish their parents to have continued access to their records can submit a form letter requesting that we grant access. If you need the form, please contact accounts@scholarsonline.org.

Have questions?

  • Check our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for common questions and answers about Scholars Online.
  • Learn more about us by reading our blog, Continuing in the Word.
  • Our curriculum advisor can help you determine whether a course is right for your student.
  • You can also contact our teachers by clicking on the teacher’s name in his or her biography on the teachers page or by clicking on any teacher name in the full course description.
  • You can always email us directly at admin@scholarsonline.org with any questions, any time. Please let us know if you prefer a phone call response, and the best times to call.

Scholarship Fund

Scholars Online receives donations for scholarships directly, and dedicates all money received from its Bookstore Amazon Associates affiliation to the Scholarship fund. Scholarships are granted on a case-by-case basis for tuition assistance when students would otherwise be unable to take courses due to job loss, medical expenses, or other family emergencies. Please contact accounts@scholarsonline.org to request information about scholarship availability for the 2020 Summer and Academic Year Courses.

Direct contributions to our scholarship fund are tax-exempt, as Scholars Online is a 501(c)(3) organization. To make a donation by check or online, see our Scholarship page. You may also donate by making purchases from Amazon.com through the Scholars Online Bookstore site or by designating Scholars Online as your charity of choice at Smile at Amazon.

Dr. Bruce A. McMenomy • Dr. Christe A. McMenomy


Scholars Online is a Washington state non-profit organization supporting Classical Christian Education for all students, regardless of race, creed, or age.

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