Scholars Online Enrollment is Open

We have not sent out a lot of email this year, but that is because so much has been happening! We hope you will enjoy this somewhat longer-than-usual update for Scholars Online.

First and Foremost: Enrollment and Registration for 2020-2021 courses is now open!

Scholars Online privides a full middle school through high school curriculum of exceptionally rigorous courses for the dedicated student of any age. We’ve increased the number of courses and sessions this year to help you find the courses you need at a convenient time.

Summer courses for 2020

  • Around the World in Nine Weeks
  • Looking at Middle-earth
  • Summer Shakespeare III
  • HTML Basics
  • Introduction to Programming with Scratch
  • The Chemical History of the Candle
  • Molding Your Prose
  • Molding Your Argument
  • Writing the Research Paper
  • Practical Grammar

Academic year courses for 2020-2021

  • Greek: I, II, III, and VI
  • History: World History I
  • Latin: I, II, III, IV (Caesar and Vergil) and V (Latin Literature). Latin tutorials by arrangement.
  • Literature: Fairy Tales-Myth-Folklore, The Thought Plickens, World Literature, Western Literature to Dante, English Literature, American Literature, Senior English (Literature)
  • Mathematics: Algebra 1, Geometry, Advanced Algebra with Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus
  • Modern Languages: French I, French II
  • Philosophy: Reasoning
  • Science: Natural Science I and II, Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Physics
  • Writing: Cursus Scriptorum

A comprehensive course listing with teachers, class schedule, and tuition fees is available at the 2020 Course Listing page. Let us know if you don't see a course listed that you would like to take from us.

If you are interested in a custom-designed tutorial or chat sessions at a time other than those offered, please let the Administration Office know your course requirements and we will help you identify a tutor. Note that tutorial sessions are charged on a per-hour basis, with fees set by the tutor.

The Early Bird Special: 15% Discount on Tuition for March Enrollments

We have often wanted to recognize our dedicated families who commit early in the year to our courses. Being able to process registrations early leaves us more time to prepare course content during the weeks leading up to the start of summer and fall sessions. This year, you will receive a 15% discount on tuition for all 2020 summer or fall session courses when enrollment is completed and all fees and tuition are paid in full by March 31.

Continuing in the Word

We hope you will read and comment on posts to the Scholars Online Blog, Continuing in the Word. Recent articles discuss how Dr. Bruce McMenomy crafted his literature program, why Dr. Christe McMenomy decided not to seek AP certification for her science courses, the importance of contemplation in education, and the temptation to replace engagement with process. Join the conversation about the values and challenges of classical education in the modern world!

Scholars Online Website Upgrades

During the 2019 Christmas holiday, we moved the school from its fifteen-year-old server to a new physical platform. We are taking advantage of the improved performance to update most of the site webpages, making it easier for you to find the information you need to create memberships, enroll students, track invoice payments, and monitor student work. The website is still a work in progress, so if you find any issues with your data or reports, or a webpage doesn't display properly, let us know.

Curriculum Planning

What does a classical Christian education look like? The Scholars Online Board of Directors has identified the key courses of a classical education, and laid out a curriculum offering covering Latin, Greek, Literature, Mathematics, Science, History, Modern Languages, Programming and Logic, and Composition courses for grades six through twelve. This curriculum emphasizes development of critical thinking skills, written communication, and subject mastery at each level. For details about the course offerings, appropriate sequence and grade levels, check out the Complete Classical Education curriculum page.

If you have questions about your pupil’s readiness for a specific course, email the teacher by clicking on the teacher's name at the Scholars Online Teacher Page or ask our academic advisor, Mrs. LaJuana Decker (see Contacts).

Accreditation of Scholars Online Courses

Scholars Online has completed its self-evaluation and crafted action plans for the next seven years to address the concerns raised by members, teachers, and the Board of Directors on the evaluation surveys. We’ve submitted the report for review by Middle States Association — Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools. We'll have a virtual “On Site” visit April 23 and 24 with the accreditation team. If you are interested in participating in interviews with the accreditation team, please let us know as soon as possible. They are eager to talk to students, parents, and teachers to learn how we do what we do, and help us do it better.

Have questions?

  • Check our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for common questions and answers about Scholars Online.
  • Learn more about us by reading our blog, Continuing in the Word.
  • Our curriculum advisor can help you determine whether a course is right for your student.
  • You can also contact our teachers by clicking on the teacher’s name in his or her biography on the teachers page or by clicking on any teacher name in the full course description.
  • You can always email us directly at with any questions, any time. Please let us know if you prefer a phone call response, and the best times to call.

Scholarship Fund

Scholars Online receives donations for scholarships directly, and dedicates all money received from its Bookstore Amazon Associates affiliation to the Scholarship fund. Scholarships are granted on a case-by-case basis for tuition assistance when students would otherwise be unable to take courses due to job loss, medical expenses, or other family emergencies. Please contact to request information about scholarship availability for the 2020 Summer and Academic Year Courses.

Direct contributions to our scholarship fund are tax-exempt, as Scholars Online is a 501(c)(3) organization. To make a donation by check or online, see our Scholarship page. You may also donate by making purchases from through the Scholars Online Bookstore site or by designating Scholars Online as your charity of choice at Smile at Amazon.

Dr. Bruce A. McMenomy • Dr. Christe A. McMenomy

Scholars Online is a Washington state non-profit organization supporting Classical Christian Education for all students, regardless of race, creed, or age.

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