2019-2020 Academic Year Surveys
2020 Summer Session Orientation

Academic Year 2019-2020 Feedback Surveys

The current academic year is drawing to a close amid incredible chaos and uncertainty. We pray that all of our students and alumni and their families are safe and well, and especially for our current students, that they manage to find the serenity and focus to do well on their end-of-term exercises.

One of the recommendations the MSA-CESS team made involved expanding our feedback platforms to encourage all of our members — students, parents, and teachers — to tell us what worked and didn't work for them during the school year, so that we can improve our ability to give you courses that are grounded, rigorous, and thorough. Surveys for teachers are available now. Surveys for parents and students will be available in The Commons on June 8. We hope that you will take the time to give us your input by June 20 so that we can take it to the Scholars Online Board of Directors at their meeting the last week of June.

Alumi and Parents of Former Students: We are especially interested in your feedback. Email Dr. Christe at accounts@scholarsonline.org if you would like access to the Moodle Commons to complete an alumni or parent survey.

Orientation Sessions This Week

Orientation to Scholars Online Chat and Moodle is a short introduction to the functions of our own special AJAX-powered HTML-enabled chat environment and our Moodle course delivery system. Learn how to get the most out of live chat so that you can fully participate in your classes, and how to navigate the Moodle to find your courses, assignments, grades, messages from teachers and other students, and post to forums and submit assignments.

For new students and parents, each of our summer course orientation sessions will also include a brief overview of our policies concerning student privacy, email use, and maintaining the integrity of student work. We encourage you to make time to attend one of these sessions. Acknowledging that you will adhere to our policies is a critical part of being a Scholars Online member, and these sessions are designed to let you ask any questions that you have.

Summer Term Orientation Sessions
Monday8 June 20208pm Eastern / 5pm Pacific
Wednesday10 June 20203pm Eastern / noon Pacific
Friday12 June 2020 11am Eastern / 8am Pacific

To attend orientation sessions, log into your chat list and click on the chat for The Commons.

Continuing in the Word

Have you been following the Scholars Online blog? We've been posting articles that explore the nature of classical education and its practical aspects in our modern world.

  • Time to Think: explores why students need unstructured time to absorb and master what they are learning.
  • Autonomy of Means Again: “Best Practices” discusses what happens when we substitute process completion as the goal of the activity, instead of achieving the desired result.
  • Crafting a Literature Program describes how Dr. Bruce McMenomy put together Scholars Online's unique literature sequence.
  • To Teach, or not to Teach ... to the Test explains why Dr. Christe McMenomy is no longer seeking formal AP Certification for her science courses.
  • Causes outlines Aristotle's classification of causes as a way of clarifying communication and analyzing comments in student essays, newspaper stories, and political debate.
  • Reflections on Trisecting the Angle expands the discussion of unstructured time to explore how playing with ideas helps students gain an appreciation for application of analytic tools to even simple problems.
  • Mr. Spock, Pseudo-Scientist investigate the limits of calculation accuracy and the dangers of statistical claims made without context or understanding of the data behind them.
  • The Sherlock Holmes Law explores the limits of character knowledge and the ability of a great story to expand the reader’s knowledge.
  • To Zoom or not to Zoom discusses some of the limitations of video chat in a discussion group, and some of the not-so-obvious benefits of text chat.

Check them out! We'd love to receive your comments and insights.

Have questions?

  • Check our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for common questions and answers about Scholars Online.
  • Learn more about us by reading our blog, Continuing in the Word.
  • Our curriculum advisor can help you determine whether a course is right for your student.
  • You can also contact our teachers by clicking on the teacher’s name in his or her biography on the teachers page or by clicking on any teacher name in the full course description.
  • You can always email us directly at admin@scholarsonline.org with any questions, any time. Please let us know if you prefer a phone call response, and the best times to call.

Scholarship Fund

Scholars Online receives donations for scholarships directly, and dedicates all money received from its Bookstore Amazon Associates affiliation to the Scholarship fund. Scholarships are granted on a case-by-case basis for tuition assistance when students would otherwise be unable to take courses due to job loss, medical expenses, or other family emergencies. Please contact accounts@scholarsonline.org to request information about scholarship availability for the 2020 Summer and Academic Year Courses.

Direct contributions to our scholarship fund are tax-exempt, as Scholars Online is a 501(c)(3) organization. To make a donation by check or online, see our Scholarship page. You may also donate by making purchases from Amazon.com through the Scholars Online Bookstore site or by designating Scholars Online as your charity of choice at Smile at Amazon.

Dr. Bruce A. McMenomy • Dr. Christe A. McMenomy


Scholars Online is a Washington state non-profit organization supporting Classical Christian Education for all students, regardless of race, creed, or age.

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