Scholars Online Earns SEVEN 2020 i-Learn Awards

The results are in!

Thank you to all who participated in the i-Learn Awards for 2020 through Practical Homeschooling and voted for the best homeschooling programs and products. Scholars Online earned awards in seven categories:

  • First Place: Best Literature courses, Best Latin courses, Best Classical Studies courses
  • Second Place: Best Science courses, Best High School Core (tie), Best Middle School (tie)
  • Third Place: Best History (tie), Best Online Academies (tie)

If you’ve been keeping track, we’ve moved up from honorable mentions to placing in all the categories where we were nominated, and this year we won three first place awards without ties. For our small school, it is a tremendous accomplishment, and a well-deserved recognition for our outstanding teachers!

Enrollment is under way for 2020 Academic Year Courses

It’s hard to believe there is less than a month left before Orientation for Academic Year courses begins. Enroll by August 20 to avoid late enrollment fees. We will hold Orientation sessions during the week of August 24. Our policy orientation is mandatory for both parents and students, so don’t delay!

Academic year courses for 2020-2021:

  • History and Government: World History I, U.S. History (New), U.S. Government (New)
  • Greek: I, II, III, and IV
  • Latin: I, II, III, IV (Caesar and Vergil), and V. Latin tutorials by arrangement.
  • Literature: Fairy Tales-Myth-Folklore, The Thought Plickens, World Literature, Western Literature to Dante, English Literature, American Literature, Senior English
  • Mathematics: Algebra I (Evening session added), Geometry, Advanced Algebra with Trigonometry (Algebra II), Pre-Calculus, Calculus
  • Modern Languages: French I, French II
  • Philosophy: Reasoning
  • Science: Natural Science I and II, Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Physics
  • Writing: Cursus Scriptorum, Writing for the College-bound

A comprehensive course listing with teachers, class schedule, and tuition fees is available at the 2020 Course Listing page. If you are planning to take a course that does not yet have dates or times set, contact the teacher as soon as possible to let him or her know your available times.

If you are interested in a custom-designed tutorial or chat sessions at a time other than those offered, please let the Administration Office know your course requirements and we will help you identify a tutor. Note that tutorial sessions are charged on a per-hour basis, with fees set by the tutor.

The Scholars Online Board of Directors will reconvene July 21

We want to thank all of our current members — parents, students, and teachers — for their input to our end-of-year survey. There was so much feedback to consider, both from members of the community and from the MSA-CESS evaluation team, that we have to extend the Board meeting for a second session. Watch this space for information on the Board’s decisions for 2020-2021 and beyond.

Get the Word Out!

Our best advertising is your recommendation! Tell your friends who are looking for homeschooling solutions or “in-home” education help this year about your experience with Scholars Online. We‘re working on a public orientation session where those who are not yet members can ask questions about our program and policies. Share our Mission and Guiding Beliefs pages with them. We believe Scholars Online not only offers grounded, thorough, and rigorous academic preparation for college and the life of the mind in Christ, but also provides a unique community that encourages members to share their different approaches by supporting civil discourse and charity in our common pursuit of the truth.

Have questions?

  • Check our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for common questions and answers about Scholars Online.
  • Learn more about us by reading our blog, Continuing in the Word.
  • Our curriculum advisor can help you determine whether a course is right for your student.
  • You can also contact our teachers by clicking on the teacher’s name in his or her biography on the teachers page or by clicking on any teacher name in the full course description.
  • You can always email us directly at with any questions, any time. Please let us know if you prefer a phone call response, and the best times to call.

Dr. Bruce A. McMenomy • Dr. Christe A. McMenomy

Scholars Online is a Washington state non-profit organization supporting Classical Christian Education for all students, regardless of race, creed, or age.

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