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Book Review: A New Latin Syntax

A New Latin Syntax

Author(s):E. C. Woodcock
Date Published:1959
Website:None listed
Appropriate for Age:All
Keywords:syntax construction grammar


 This is not an introductory Latin text or anything like it: it's a systematic overview of the major points of Latin syntax (not accidence — i.e., it’s about the arrangement of words and constructions, not about their forms) with an eye toward the organic integrity of the whole system. It's one of those visionary works that takes something that most people consider at least a bit on the abstruse and fussy side, and makes it less granular and more cohesive. Woodcock is not above speculating on the rationale behind some of these constructions, and he’s able to tie them into their Indo-European roots. If you’re a grammar fan, you may actually find this rather exciting.

(There is another somewhat less expensive edition available from Duckworth in England, though you may have to wait some weeks for it to ship: the ISBN is 0862920426.)

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