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Scholars Online Academic Calendar for 2006-2007

Important Dates for Summer 2006 and Fall 2006/2007

Summer 2006 Deadlines:
Registration opens April 1, closes June 15th.
Payments are due June 30th.
Academic Year 2006/2007 Deadlines:
Registration opens April 1, closes August 15
Late Registration opens August 20, closes September 1
Full tuition and fees are due Sept 1.

Academic Calendar

A more detailed calendar is available to members

Individual teachers may or may not observe other holidays such as Veterans Day or Memorial Day, and may schedule review and examination weeks during which classes will not meet. Be sure to check the individual course descriptions and schedules as soon as you receive enrollment keys for chat session and examination schedules.

Curriculum Planning for the Academic Year 2006-2007

Please consult our Tuition and Fees page for policies on refunds or credits in the event that rescheduling a course prevents an enrolled student from attending a course.

To help you plan schedules and identify potentially overlapping meetings, classes are listed by short title and section number in each half-hour block in which they occur. A single section course may have more than one class session per week, and some courses have more than one section. (If you are unsure how many sections a course has, or how many meetings per session, click on the arrow to the left of the course name and review the full course description.) For example,

To see the full course title, place your cursor over the course abbreviation. To review the course description in a separate window, click on the arrow the left of the course abbreviation. Courses are displayed with the times defaulted to Eastern Time. You may select a different zone, then click the "Change Time Zones" button to redisplay the schedule in the new zone.


Courses marked with an asterisk (*) start or end on the quarter hour. Sections are given in parentheses.

Start Time
8:00 AM     
8:30 AM     
9:00 AM     
9:30 AM     
10:00 AM     
10:30 AM     
11:00 AM     
11:30 AM     
12:00 PM     
12:30 PM     
1:00 PM     
1:30 PM     
2:00 PM     
2:30 PM     
3:00 PM     
3:30 PM     
4:00 PM     
4:30 PM     
5:00 PM     
5:30 PM     
6:00 PM     
6:30 PM     
7:00 PM     
7:30 PM     
8:00 PM     
8:30 PM     
9:00 PM     
9:30 PM     
10:00 PM     

Schedules for the following courses are still being determined. Please contact the teacher as soon as possible to indicate your time preferences:

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