Moodle Use Policy

Scholars Online is pleased to offer members the use of the Moodle online learning environment. However, misuse of the site could have serious legal implications for users and for Scholars Online. In order to use the platform, you must agree to abide by the following rules:

You may not access, distribute, or place on the Scholars Online Moodle material that:

Email, messaging, or chat must not be used to harass, intimidate, or otherwise annoy another person.

Privacy considerations

Your use of the Moodle is logged, and records are kept of all your activities and contributions to the site. Site administrators and course leaders have direct access to their students' Moodle files, and administrators may review Moodle contents at any time for appropriateness and compliance with privacy and policy guidelines. Do not assume that any Moodle activity is private or confidential.

The Moodle contains personal information as required to identify student and teacher entries and properly credit student work. It uses cookies to ensure session security and facilitate navigation through the site. By using the Moodle, you agree to the security and privacy policy procedures set out in Scholars Online's Privacy Policies.

Members who suspect an activity or collection of activities violates these rules, or is in criminal breach of the general Scholars Online site use policies, should report the matter to the Administrator, who shall instigate an investigation. In such circumstances, Scholars Online may monitor real-time use of the Moodle, examine any and all activity logs either current or stored, and any recorded emails in order to determine whether disciplinary proceedings are necessary, or in cases of illegal activity, report such activity to the proper authorities.

Thank you to the College of Leicester for allowing us to adapt their posted Moodle policy.