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Available versions

1916: Ernest C. Warde

1953: Andrew McCullough

1971: Peter Brook

1971: Grigori Kozintsev (Korol Lir)

1974: Edwin Sherin

1976: Tony Davenall

1982: Jonathan Miller

1982: Alan Cooke

1983: Michael Elliott

1998: Richard Eyre

1999: Brian Blessed

2008: Trevor Nunn

2015: Antoni Cimolino

2016: Gregory Doran, Robin Lough

2017: Nancy Meckler, Ian Russell

2018: Alexander Barnett

2018: Richard Eyre


1985: Ran

1987: King Lear

1997: A Thousand Acres

2000: The King is Alive

2002: King of Texas

Production drama

2003: Slings and Arrows (Season 3)


2015: Shakespeare Uncovered, Season 2, Episode 6

King Lear
1974: Edwin Sherin

After many years, this remarkable version of King Lear is finally available to the general public, thanks to the Broadway Theatre Archive. The universality of the Lear story makes irrelevant the fact that James Earl Jones (Lear) is black: what is entirely relevant is that his magnificent voice, bearing, and diction bring a gravity to the part that is hard to equal in any other production. See it if you can. Its production values are what one might expect from something filmed a generation ago from a live performance, but its performances make it one of the very best.

Also in the production are Rene Auberjonois (whom some may remember as Odo from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), Raul Julia in the richly complex role of Edmund, and Paul Sorvino as Gloucester.

Albany: Robert Stattel

Attendant: John Salat

Attendant: Jose Machado

Attendant: Kevin Maung

Attendant: Simpson Markson

Burgundy: Lou Quinones

Captain: Frankie Faison

Cordelia: Lee Chamberlin

Cornwall: Robert Lanchester

Curan: John R. Tobinski

Doctor: William Hart

Edgar: Rene Auberjonois

Edmund: Raul Julia

First servant to Cornwall: James Harper

Fool: Tom Aldredge

France: Jean-Pierre Stewart

Gentleman: George Dzundza

Gentleman: James West III

Gloucester: Paul Sorvino

Goneril: Rosalind Cash

Herald: George Addison

Kent: Douglass Watson

King Lear: James Earl Jones

Messenger: Gregory Mosher

Messenger: Redvers Jeanmarie

Old man: Charles Pegues

Oswald: Frederick Coffin

Regan: Ellen Holly

Servant to Cornwall: Anthony Chisholm

Servant to Cornwall: Franklyn Seales