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Greek II

This course is the second year of a rigorous two-year introduction to ancient Greek, focusing on the mastery of paradigms and basic grammatical structures. Our textbook is Greek: An Intensive Course, by Hansen and Quinn. By the end of the year, the student will have completed the last ten units in the book.

This gives us roughly three weeks per unit. Written assignments will consist primarily of translated readings; every few weeks there will be a quiz. These quizzes will alternate between vocabulary and grammar. Every so often I may decide to craft a larger quiz (exam-length) to help students conquer any troublesome topics.

The quizzes will be short, simple, and (I hope) painless. The frequency of quizzes and exams serves three purposes:

  1. This is another way that I, the teacher, can keep track of the student's progress.
  2. I find frequent quizzes are often helpful to the student himself, in that it helps him keep track of his own progress.
  3. This frequency also serves to keep the student reminded of what he is expected to learn, so that the final exam should contain no surprises.

The final exam will constitute the majority of the student's grade. It will cover, very thoroughly, the entire book.