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Available versions

1936: George Cukor

1954: Renato Castellani

1965: Val Drumm, Paul Lee

1968: Franco Zeffirelli

1976: Joan Kemp-Welch

1978: Alvin Rakoff

1993: Norman Campbell

1994: Alan Horrox

1996: Baz Luhrmann

2010: Dominic Dromgoole

2013: Carlo Carlei

2014: Don Roy King, David Leveaux


1961: West Side Story

1992: Efim Gamburg, Dave Edwards (animated)


2015: Shakespeare Uncovered, Season 2, Episode 2

Romeo and Juliet
1954: Renato Castellani

This production, almost unknown today, has some real virtues. It has relatively few “name” actors, other than the legendary John Gielgud as the Chorus (a role he takes up again in the BBC Shakepeare version twenty-four years later), whose role is really outside the drama, and Sebastian Cabot as Capulet. The rest of the roles are less well-known. They are adequately filled, however, and allow the story to shine through with relatively little interpretive spin. Susan Shentall played the role of Juliet and, as far as I can discover, virtually nothing else. She was twenty when the film was made: still too old, really, for the fourteen-year-old Juliet, but less conspicuously out of the age bracket than many another.

For its day, this is a very cinematic presentation, shot on location, without any of the stage conventions that some viewers find problematic. It is regrettably rather considerably cut, still, but if you are looking for a “real movie” version other than the Zeffirelli, this is a reasonable place to look. One might find a bit more contrast with the Howard/Shearer version from 1936.

Abraham: Luciano Bodi

Baldassare: Mario Meniconi

Bartolomeo: Elio Vittorini

Benvolio: Bill Travers

Capulet: Sebastian Cabot

Chorus: John Gielgud

Friar John: Thomas Nicholls

Friar Laurence: Mervyn Johns

Juliet: Susan Shentall

Lady Capulet: Lydia Sherwood

Lady Montague: Nietta Zocchi

Mercutio: Ubaldo Zollo

Montague: Giulio Garbinetto

Nurse: Flora Robson

Paris: Norman Wooland

Prince of Verona: Giovanni Rota

Romeo: Laurence Harvey

Rosaline: Dagmar Josipovitch

Sansone: Pietro Capanna

Tybalt: Enzo Fiermonte