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All’s Well That Ends Well
Antony and Cleopatra
As You Like It
The Comedy of Errors
Henry IV, part 1
Henry IV, part 2
Henry V
Henry VI, part 1
Henry VI, part 2
Henry VI, part 3
Henry VIII
Julius Caesar
King John
King Lear
Love’s Labour’s Lost
Measure for Measure
The Merchant of Venice
The Merry Wives of Windsor
A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Much Ado About Nothing
Richard II
Richard III
Romeo and Juliet
The Taming of the Shrew
The Tempest
Timon of Athens
Titus Andronicus
Troilus and Cressida
Twelfth Night
Two Gentlemen of Verona
The Winter’s Tale

Available versions

1922: Dimitri Buchowetzki

1952/1955: Orson Welles

1965: Stuart Burge

1981: Jonathan Miller

1981: Frank Melton

1989: Janet Suzman

1990: Trevor Nunn

1995: Oliver Parker

2007: Wilson Milam

2015: Iqbal Khan, Robin Lough


1992: Nikolai Serebryakov (animated)

2001: “O”

2001: Othello

2006: Omkara


2015: Shakespeare Uncovered, Season 2, Episode 3

2001: Tim Blake Nelson

This is another modernization of the play, using modern dialogue and a somewhat different configuration of events; it’s set chiefly in an elite private prep school. As such, it’s one of the small but notable class of high school adaptations of Shakespeare; most of the rest of them, however, have been based on comedies (Never Been Kissed from As You Like It; 10 Things I Hate About You from The Taming of the Shrew; She’s the Man from Twelfth Night). This is a tragedy, and takes the burden of the narrative on the chin, so to speak. It’s not an upbeat movie at all, and it features Julia Stiles in one of her more convincing performances (interestingly, she was also Kat in 10 Things). The narrative is convincingly reworked, and manages to be its own thing, rather than merely a cleverly translated version of Othello, and accordingly it deserves consideration on its own terms. At the same time, it does convey a number of key points of the original play, down to Hugo’s (Iago’s) final refusal to explain anything. I do advise caution for teachers and parents of younger students; some of it is fairly frank, and the movie receives an R rating in the United States. There is some depiction of sexual activity, and a good deal of crude language.

Assistant Coach Jeffries: Chris Freihofer

Ball Boy: Kelvin O’Bryant

Bianca: Gaynor Young

Brabantio: Stuart Brown

Brandy: Rachel Shumate

Coach Duke Goulding: Martin Sheen

Cop: James Middleton

Dean Bob Brable: John Heard

Dell : Anthony Johnson

Desi Brable: Julia Stiles

Dutchman Player: Chris Dong

Emily: Rain Phoenix

Hugo Goulding: Josh Hartnett

Jason: Christopher Jones

Lanny-Pawnbroker : Jack Munn

Michael Cassio: Andrew Keegan

Mr. Bradley : Michael Flippo

Mr. Kirby: Wally Welch

Ms. Serney: Lisa Benavides

Newscaster: Julie Fishell

Odin James: Mekhi Phifer

Radio Announcer: Marshall Gitter

Roger Rodriguez: Elden Henson

Scout #1: Ken French

T.V. Announcer: Dana Ratliff

Woman Score Keeper: Ronalda Stover