The Aha! Moment

Grand Canyon South Rim CCA 3.0

Have you ever visited the south rim of the Grand Canyon? If you come via Interstate 40, either from the west (Barstow, California) or from the east (Gallup, New Mexico) you drive north through flat desert plateau — if you’re lucky in timing your visit, there may be some spring desert blooms. If not, it’s… Continue reading The Aha! Moment

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The Parking Problem

Full city parking garage.

When we first moved to Seattle, we were entranced by the wealth of cultural and educational institutions: art museums, parks, opera, symphony, musical theater, zoos, aquariums, historical monuments.  We had quite a list of places to explore, and were excited about visiting them. But after a few years of actual residence, we realized that we… Continue reading The Parking Problem

Learning to Speak in Your Own Voice

Pupil writing at a school in Ghana [Amuzujoe, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons]

In elementary school, the questions and answers are frequently simple: What is the capital of Washington? Olympia! What kind of triangle is this? Isosceles! What is the sum of 1/3 + 1/5? 8/15! In cases like these, the teacher has provided the answers or the calculation method. Your job is to repeat back what you… Continue reading Learning to Speak in Your Own Voice