The Aha! Moment

Grand Canyon South Rim CCA 3.0

Have you ever visited the south rim of the Grand Canyon? If you come via Interstate 40, either from the west (Barstow, California) or from the east (Gallup, New Mexico) you drive north through flat desert plateau — if you’re lucky in timing your visit, there may be some spring desert blooms. If not, it’s… Continue reading The Aha! Moment

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Education as Game

Players of Nine Men's Morris

Recently, an e-mail list participant recommended a book which I’d never heard of—Finite and Infinite Games by James Carse. While waiting for that book to arrive, I revisited Johan Huizinga’s wonderful book Homo Ludens. And I also read Karl Oles’ Scholars Online blog post before it was posted. Both of the books address play as an important part… Continue reading Education as Game

Continuous? Step-wise? What’s up with that?

You may have seen a picture of movie film. A movie film consists of a large sequence of still images, which are presented so rapidly that the viewer perceives it as motion. This is true whether the pictures are photographic images of something with physical existence, or whether they are drawn or composed artwork. (Collecting… Continue reading Continuous? Step-wise? What’s up with that?


They are one of the first repeated sounds that a baby hears and learns – and arguably the one vocalization that you hear more than any other in life. Names are central to how we think of ourselves – that’s the underlying import of the verse in the Revelation to Saint John that God will… Continue reading Names

Calculus classes with a live teacher?

There are many on-line resources for math students these days.  There are college/university level courses, such as those offered by MIT and Stanford.  There are  YouTube videos suitable for high school level study, such as Khan Academy and others.   There are also many downloadable textbooks and on-line learning aids.  A conscientious parent might ask, “What… Continue reading Calculus classes with a live teacher?