Full College Preparatory Course Curriculum in a Classical Christian Mold

Scholars Online is a nonprofit educational corporation designed to foster classical Christian education through instruction, guidance, and community using emergent communication technologies. Its founders have been offering online courses to homeschoolers, private and public school students, college students, and independent scholars since 1996. While homeschooled middle school and high school students are our primary focus, our courses are open to all who meet the requirements and are willing to participate according to our terms of service.

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Faith-based Education in a Classical Christian Tradition...

All teachers at Scholars Online confess the Trinitarian Christian faith of the Nicene Creed; beyond that, however, the faculty is diverse and reflects a range of theological traditions and scriptural interpretation.

No statement of faith is required of any student, though we expect all students to remain courteous and civil about the beliefs of others. Any student who can meet the prerequisites of a course is welcome, without regard to race, creed, color, age, or current educational affiliation.

...Adapted to the Students' Needs

We cater to students throughout the United States and elsewhere in the world, and accordingly appreciate the need to be flexible to meet local situations and requirements. We use a mix of course delivery methods and interactive technologies, chosing those best suited to course content and the instructor's teaching style. Math and modern language sessions use audio and whiteboard sessions hosted on WizIQ. Our history, literature, and writing courses use our own Scholars Online Chat software, which provides full HTML webpage presentation capability, without audio. Students enter chats, receive and post assignments, take quizzes, and review grades using their personal homepages in our dedicated MOODLE system.

2015-2016 Course Planning is now underway

We are currently updating our website and planning our curriculum for summer 2015 and the 2015-2016 Academic year. We will begin listing courses on February 1 and open enrollment on March 1, so watch this space!

Scholars Online academic year offers complete, integrated curriculum for middle school and high school in modern languages, classical languages, history, literature, mathematics, science, and composition. Courses emphasize connections in materials across discipline boundaries, and share a common focus on developing close reading, analysis, and critical thinking skills that can be applied to any intellectual endeavor.

2014-2015 courses include:

  • Government: American Government
  • Greek: Greek I, II, III
  • Hebrew: Hebrew I
  • History: American History, World History
  • Latin: I, II, III, IV (Caesar and Vergil)
  • Literature: World Literature, Western Literature to Dante, Western Lit to Dante II, English Literature, American Literature, Senior English (AP Preparation)
  • Mathematics: Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II with Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus [Discovering Mathematics curriculum]
  • Modern Languages: Spanish 1 and 2; French 1 and 2
  • Philosophy: Formal Logic
  • Science: Natural Science I and II, AP Biology, AP Chemistry (2014, 2016), AP Physics (2013, 2015), Astronomy
  • Writing: Cursus Scriptorum: Writing with Honors, Creative Writing
  • Students who start with our introductory programs during their junior high school years may take up to six years of Latin or Greek, six years of mathematics, six years of literature, six years of science, and five years of composition. Students in our advanced courses regularly perform well on Advanced Placement, ACT, and SAT tests, and are accepted into some of the best colleges in the country (see our Supporting College-Bound Students link for a list of colleges accepting Scholars Online students).

    Click on our 2014 Course Listing for courses, times, teachers, and tuition charges.

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    If you are new to Scholars Online, use the Membership and Enrollment link in the Site Map to create accounts for yourself and students for whom you will be responsible. Once you have created the accounts, you will be able enroll in courses. Be sure to explore our site to find out about our history, faculty backgrounds, and our current course offerings. If you have questions, feel free to write to write us using the email us link at the bottom of any site webpage.

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