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Scholars Online is not merely a school; it is a community of students, teachers, parents, and friends who are dedicated to the idea that a classical Christian education can help prepare learners at all ages and stages for fuller participation in the life of the mind.

There is a deep sense of trust throughout the organization.

Observations by the MSA-CESS accreditation team chair, 2020 visit

Scholars Online Site Resources for Community

The Commons

All members have access to The Commons, both a daily chat opportunity and a Moodle course, where they can meet in real time or exchange information asynchronously. The Moodle Commons also supports surveys and feedback opportunities.

Other Moodle Forums

A general forum in the Moodle allows students to start threads on almost any topic, ranging from debates over PCs vs. Macs and games of hangman, to poetry contests, short story publication, event planning, and reviews of movies and books. Other forums support discussions of college admission practices, parent concerns.

Parents should be aware that while these forums are monitored, content is not censored, providing students adhere to the Moodle policy signed on their first login to the Moodle. Some topics may not be suitable for all students. We prefer that students debate even controversial subjects in the relative safety and privacy of our Moodle environment, and in an environment where they can learn to respect differences in perspective and conviction while still seeking common ground to act in charity together.

Alumi Events

Scholars Online holds periodic reunion events for all of our former ISLAS, SOLA, and Scholars Online students. Join the Alumni Mailing List to stay up to date on this and other opportunities to reconnect with fellow students and your teachers!

Scholars Online Social Media Sites

Facebook Groups

If you are a Facebook member, you can join the Scholars Online Group. Members can follow our postings, comment on posts and add their own news, and even share get-together information and plan reunions.

Just want to keep up with what's going on? Check out our Facebook page frequenly or follow us!


Follow Scholars Online on Twitter! Receive postings of interest to the Classical Education Community, along with news about Scholars Online faculty, students, events, and deadlines.

Get Together

Let us know if your region is hosting a get-together that Scholars Online members might be interested in attending! We'll post the information here and in the Facebook community, and publicize it on our Twitter feed.

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Scholars Online is fully accredited through the Middle States Accreditation Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools.

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