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Planning your Curriculum

Use our Classical Education Curriculum Page to identify courses at the right level for your student in each subject for summer or academic year sessions, or to plan your entire Junior High - Senior High program, whether or not you take courses from us. Contact our educational consultant (see the Contacts page) for one-to-one support to determine whether our courses are appropriate for your student's learning style and background.

Flexible Homeschooling Support

Let us offer you some options in college preparatory courses that provide your student with what is needed to succeed. Customize classes for your homeschooled middle-school or high school student from our complete curriculum, or supplement your homeschool program with individual courses.

Live chat sessions meet one to three times each week for up to 38 weeks. Class sections are small so that teachers can provide timely feedback and individual attention to each student. We keep our costs low so that you can receive tutorial-level instruction by qualified teachers — most with advanced degrees in their subject area or years of both classroom and online teaching experience — for under $10 an hour.

While our live chat courses are the best value, if you prefer individualized instruction, we can also arrange tutorials for many of our courses (tutorial fees are set by the instructor at a per-hour charge). Independent learners of all ages are welcome. Let us help you achieve the education you always wanted!

Support for Students Everywhere

We are always looking for opportunities to partner with schools and help them broaden the courses they offer. We will work with you to make our courses available to your own students. Students in public and private schools, charter schools, colleges, and universities have taken courses with us for credit from their own institution.

Adult and Independent Learners

We welcome adult students to our course, providing they behave themselves and adhere to our student policies. We've had teachers working in a Great Books curriculum take science courses to improve their own teaching skills, clergy take Greek courses to broaden their understanding of New Testament Greek in the larger context of classical Greek culture and literature, travelers take language courses before setting off for Europe, and parents of students and former students take the courses their own children enjoyed and recommended. We believe education is a life-long opportunity and privilege.

Other Resources

In the course of teaching online for over two decades, we've gathered a lot of materials and techniques for classical language studies and literature studies. These resources are available from our site for all scholars and others interested in furthering their understanding of classical literature and the performance of Shakespeare's plays.

Classical Studies Resources

A Concordance to Vergil's Aeneid

A Concordance to the Homeric Poems

A Concordance to the Argonautica of Apollonius

A Concordance to the De Contemptu Mundi

A Concordance to Beowulf

Shakespeare Studies Resources

Shakespeare On View: Reviews and Recommendations of Film Versions of the Plays

Dr. Bruce McMenomy's Shakespeare on View site contains a constantly growing list of reviews of film and video versions of Shakespeare's plays, from All's Well that Ends Well to The Winter's Tale. Whether you are taking one of our summer Shakespeare courses, putting together your own Shakespeare course, or just looking for a good play to watch, these reviews will help you find versions to suite your viewing preferences.

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