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Your Selected FAQs

Tuition and Fees
How do I pay for classes?

I paid tuition today through PayPal but the payment isn't showing in my Account Management Center invoice. Did you receive my payment?

I have paid membership and registration fees. Is this enough to hold my student's spot in multiple courses?

I paid the total amount of tuition and fees specified in the confirmation letter sent when I enrolled my student. Why is there still a $25 charge on my Account Management Center invoice page?

How does the installment option work? Are payments spread through the entire school year?

How does the installment option work? Are payments spread through the entire school year?

What if I decide that your course doesn't meet my student's needs? Will I receive a refund?

Do you offer scholarships?

Contacting us
I have a question about course content that isn't in the description on your website. How do I contact the teacher?

My email to bounced. How do I contact you?

I have a question about my invoice. Whom should I write?

What browser, software, and hardware do I need?
What kind of software do I need to participate in your courses?

Can I use my Mac or Windows laptop with your courses?

Can I use my Chromebook with your courses?

My computer doesn't seem to work properly with the Scholars Online environment. Where can I get help?

How do I find ...? (Navigating the site)
How do I find the cost, class times, and textbooks required for a course?

How do I find the school policies on academic integrity and privacy?

How do I find out about the teacher's credentials to teach my course?

How Classes work
Are your courses accredited?

Can we observe a class (or audit courses)?

How often do classes meet?

How many students are in each class?

Why do some of your classes meet at 6am Pacific Time or 8pm Eastern Time? Can students really be alert and attentive at those times?

I would really like to take a course, but it conflicts with another commitment. What can I do?

Do classes use audio or video?

How do I acquire the textbooks for a course?

Do you provide curriculum recommendations based on learning style or previous coursework?

Do you keep records for the parent, or is that the parent's job?

Do you provide grades for high school transcripts?

Do I need to take all my courses from Scholars Online?

I need to cancel enrollment for my student, but I can't find any way to do that from my Account Management Center.

Being a Scholars Online Member
How do I change a student's status to Alumni when my student graduates from Scholars Online?

I can't remember my username and/or password. Should I just create a new account?

How do I set my student's password?

I've forgotten my username or password. How do I recover this information?

Didn't find the answer to your question?

If you couldn't find an answer to your questions, write us using the EMAIL US link at the bottom of any page.

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