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Classical Education for Adults

Adult and Independent Learners

We welcome adult students to our courses, holding all students of whatever age to the same standards of participation and civility.

Classical education presumes a life-long commitment to continuous intellectual growth, and our junior high school and high school students learn this best when it is modeled by adult students in our courses. Multi-generational participation enriches everyone, and we are delighted to be able to offer our classical education curriculum for adults as well as younger students.

We've had adult students who were teachers working in a Great Books curriculum take science courses to improve their own teaching skills, clergy who took our Greek courses to broaden their understanding of New Testament Greek in the larger context of classical Greek culture and literature, travelers who wanted to learn French before setting off for Europe, and parents of students who really wanted to take the courses their own children had enjoyed and recommended. We've had non-native English speakers who polished up their composition skills with our flexible asynchronous writing program. Even our own staff enrolls in courses taught by our other teachers!

So don't let age and maturity stand in the way of finally taking that Greek course you've always wanted to do, or actually learning calculus, chemistry, or classical literature. Our current course offerings readily support classical education for adults as well as younger students. Indulge your passion to learn something new!

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