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Membership in Scholars Online indicates a commitment to participate within a community of teachers and scholars where all individuals are willing to be challenged by new ideas, to grow in understanding of creation and God's call to ministry, and to treat with courtesy and respect those who do not necessarily share one's own convictions. Members may be adult or minor students, parents sponsoring students, alumni of ISLAS courses, and all teachers.

If you are new to Scholars Online, please read the following pages, which explain member responsibilities and privileges, our fee structure, and the terms of use for this site:

If you think you already have an account with Scholars Online but cannot remember your username or password, please do not create a new account! Use the EMAIL US link below and request that we check our records for your account information and issue you a new password.

Step 1: Create a primary Adult account
Whether you wish to enroll yourself or a minor student in courses, you must first request an adult membership using the form below. Adult members accept responsibility for all financial charges and compliance with the terms of use for their own and any Student accounts associated with their own primary account.

Every minor student must have an adult sponsor who is a member of Scholars Online, who can enter into a legal contract and be responsible for the student's financial obligations and academic planning, and with whom we can consult in case disciplinary situations arise. An adult may sponsor more than one minor student.

Step 2: Log into your new account
Once you have completed the request, log into your new Account Management Center using the LOGIN link at the bottom of any page.

Step 3: Create Student accounts and enroll in courses
From your Account Management Center, you will request student memberships, and enroll yourself and your students in our courses. You will be able to return to your Account Management Center at any time to add new students, enroll any member associated with your account (including yourself) in courses, check enrollment status for requested courses, review your invoice for membership, registration, and tuition charges and payment status, and make payments online if you so wish (we will also accept payment by check).

Want more detailed help? Use the STEP-BY-STEP Instructions for completing membership requests and enrolling in courses.
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Membership in Scholars Online is open to all without regard to race, creed, color, or current educational affiliation.
Enrollment in courses is open to all qualified students without regard to race, creed, color, or current educational affiliation.
We value the privacy and the safety of all our students. We collect information only for the purpose of carrying out business related to Scholars Online. All membership, registration, and enrollment pages are encrypted in transmission for member safety. If you do not see a lock symbol in the URL at the top of this page (or, in older browsers, https:// as part of the full URL), please notify the web administrator.

Scholars Online was accredited by AdvancED and the Northwest Accreditation Commission from 2009-2016 and was accepted March 2018 with Candidate Status as a member of MSA-CESS.