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Scholars Online Tuition and Fees

The costs of participating in the Scholars Online community are covered by three kinds of fees, depending on the community resources a member actually uses. Membership and registration fees are determined annually by the Directors and set at amounts that cover the actual costs for server, website and chat hosting, and billing expenses incurred by Scholars Online, as well as some remuneration for the labor involved in maintaining the site and databases. Tuition for each course is always set by the teacher.

Membership Dues: $25 each year per individual

All members, including students, parents, and teachers, pay annual membership dues. Membership includes

Alumni in particular are encouraged to continue to participate in the community and share their educational experiences and life events with their fellow students and teachers, so membership fees are waived for alumni for the first four years after graduation.

Every minor member must have at least one member parent or guardian member who will take responsibility for legal and financial arrangements, as minors cannot enter into legal contracts. Students over the age of eighteen may be members in their own right without parental involvement.

Due date: Upon enrolling for classes for the current year.
Membership fees due at enrollment. Membership extends from the date paid through the academic year, ending May 31. Only current members may be enrolled in courses, so membership must be paid before or at registration. Membership fees are not refundable; whether students or parents enroll in classes, membership is valid for the academic year and provides access to the Scholars Online community open courses and forums.

Registration Fees: $30 each year per student

Active students pay a single registration fee each year, which covers costs associated with course delivery, including

Registration fees for new students attending summer courses will secure registration status for the following academic year.

Due date:Registration fees are due at enrollment.
Student enrollment will be considered pending until membership and registration fees are paid, regardless of student acceptance by the teacher. Students with unpaid membership and registration may be bumped by paying students.

Tuition for all courses: amount varies

The cost for actual course instruction is set by each independent teacher contractor, and may vary from course to course or from year to year, at the teacher's discretion. Please check tuition for each course on the course description (listed just below chat session times), on the full class list, and on the individual student enrollment pages available from your Account Management Center.

Due date: June 12 for Summer Sessions. August 31 for Academic Year sessions.
Please note that teachers reserve the right to raise tuition fees for their courses on August 31, to cover extra work required by late enrollments, and payments received after August 31 may not be processed in time for students to attend the first week of chat. In any case, unless other arrangements for payment have been confirmed by the accounts office in writing, no student will be admitted to chat until tuition has been paid in full.

All membership, registration, and full tuition fees must be paid before students will be admitted to chat sessions.

Typical Fee and Tuition Costs

The following invoice is typical for a new student enrolling in two courses under the increased fee structure.

Annual Parent MembershipAt enrollment of first student$30.00 
Annual Student MembershipAt enrollment, each student$30.00 
Current Year Student RegistrationAt enrollment, each student$50.00 
New Member OrientationIncluded in registration fee$0.00 
Natural Science IAugust 31$450.00*
World History IAugust 31$450.00*
TotalPaid August 12$1010.00 

*Tuition costs listed here are representative; since actual course fees are set by individual teachers, costs will vary.

Payment Methods

Scholars Online accepts checks drawn on U.S. banks and online payments made through PayPal, which allows you to charge to your PayPal account, your own bank credit card, or initiate an electronic fund transfer from your bank. Several options for paying in installments between the opening of registration in March and the start of courses in June (summer session) or August/September (fall courses may have different start dates) are offered on your the Account Management Center Invoice page; however, payments must be completed for the full tuition before your student will be admitted to class sessions. This allows us to guarantee payment to our contract teachers.


Teachers are welcome to offer tutorials to Scholars Online members who register for the current academic year, and to use Scholars Online resources, including course sites and chat sessions, according to the terms of their membership contract. Teachers are responsible for setting the rates and terms of payment for tutorials, and for billing and collecting tutorial fees directly from the student. If you are interested in taking a tutorial, you must contact the teacher directly.

Refund Policy

Membership and registration fees are non-refundable. Tuition for a student who withdraws from a regularly-scheduled course is refundable according to the following schedule, which recognizes the work the teacher must do in administration and course-planning:

Refund request receivedAmount of Tuition Refunded
Prior to 1 June100%
During the first week of class50%
After first week of classNO REFUND
Academic Year
Prior to 15 August100%
On or after 15 August, but prior to first day of class90%
During the first week of classes80%
During the second week of classes60%
During the third week of classes40%
During the fourth week of classes20%
After the fourth week of classNO REFUND

Students who register for a course that is rescheduled will be notified as soon as we are aware of the schedule change. There will be a three-week grace period following student notification during which the student may obtain a full refund or payment credit against a future course if he or she is unable to attend the course at its new time. Otherwise, refunds will follow the above schedule for withdrawal from a course.

No refunds will be granted if a student is suspended or expelled for cause. Scholars Online is not responsible for refunds for tutorials arranged privately with teachers, even when the tutorials take place within the Scholars Online Moodle.

Scholarships, Waivers, and Extraordinary Circumstances

We've tried to make our fees as low as possible and still meet our costs. However, we realize that life doesn't always fit into neat categories. We have a limited scholarship fund that can be used to help defray tuition in cases of demonstrated financial need. Please see the Scholarship page for further information on applying for scholarships or making donations to the scholarship fund.

Scholars Online was accredited by AdvancED and the Northwest Accreditation Commission from 2009-2016 and was accepted March 2018 with Candidate Status as a member of MSA-CESS.