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Scholars Online Orientation to Policies, Moodle Use, and College Preparation

Scholars Online policy orientation

We request that all parents attend an orientation to Scholars Online policies, where we will discuss the parents' roles and responsibilities, Scholars Online responsibilities for communication and reporting, financial arrangements, and other administrative issues. We know that by meeting with parents early and establishing clear expectations, we can resolve issues so that both parents and students can focus on their educational goals once classes start. These sessions are offered in June (prior to the summer term) and in August and early September.

Chat orientation

The Scholars Online Chat program is unique to our institution. Chat orientation attendance is strongly recommended to help students and parents learn to use chat features and retrieve logs. Technical support will be available during chat orientation to identify any issues with browser settings. Teachers do not have the time or necessary expertise to debug chat problems, so it essential that these be identified and resolved before attending class chats.

Moodle orientation

The Moodle environment has many features and possible uses. We offer both student and teacher orientation courses just prior to the start of each summer and fall session. As with chat and policy orientation courses, these will be self-enrolled classes at no charge to attendees.

Scholars Online was accredited by AdvancED and the Northwest Accreditation Commission from 2009-2016 and was accepted March 2018 with Candidate Status as a member of MSA-CESS.