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Classical Curriculum

What should a classical education curriculum include?

Not everyone agrees on what a classical Christian education is, much less what it should include or even emphasize. We’ve tried to explain our own understanding and goals for classical Christian education content and practice in the essays on our Classical Education page. We’ve put a lot of thought into what courses are necessary to accomplish what we believe are the main goals of this educational approach.

Classical Christian Education Goals

Classical Education Online at Scholars Online

I can't begin to share all that our kids have learned from Scholar's Online....yes, they have learned to balance a full work load and manage their time wisely. They have learned to make notecards and study in new, efficient ways. They have learned to meet rigorous deadlines.

More importantly, their professors are teaching them to think....REALLY think. They are learning to respectfully discuss opposing viewpoints, they are grappling with ideas that point to a higher purpose.

I'm so pleased with the information they are learning, but even more amazed by the students they are becoming.

Stacy M.

The following chart shows the curriculum plan for a student beginning as late as possible to complete each sequence. Students normally would begin more courses in the sixth grade year than shown. Courses marked with an asterisk (*) are designed to prepare students for AP examinations but have not been formally certified by the College Board Advanced Placement program, since AP syllabus requirements did not meet our standards for the course.

We encourage you to consider the courses and sequences as a guide that you can modify to your own students’ current level and personal goals, whether you take courses as part of a complete classical education online, or chose several to supplement your own curriculum. We developed the course sequences after reviewing the graduation requirements for both public and private schools, as well as the admission requirements for a number of colleges and universities. We are confident that students completing most of the coursework here would qualify for consideration by the nation’ best colleges.

Classical Education Curriculum Classical Education Curriculum

Curriculum by Sequence (see also Curriculum by Grade below)

Summaries of each sequence are given on individual pages, along with the course listings for the current academic year and summer sessions. The following lists are guidelines only. Individual students may be able to accerate some areas, and others may not be able to include all sequences in their curriculum.

Curriculum by Grade (see also Curriculum by Sequence above)

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