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On purpose.

Some of our teachers began teaching online — not as a stopgap amid pandemic shutdowns — in the mid-1990s. Our faculty now includes some of our former students who, after four years of college and often advanced degrees, still consider our approach to classical education as rewarding and productive as any they know. We know from experience that online education can be challenging, fulfilling, and effective in preparing younger students for college and older students to face a rapidly changing world with new perspectives.

“Scholars Online offers more rigorous, more intellectually honest, better rounded, and more socially stimulating education than any of the universities I have attended as student or taught at as faculty.”

John Esposito, PhD

Study in community.


Not in isolation.

Education takes place in community, and the best education takes place when teachers and students of different ages come together to explore new ideas and to recognize that not all questions have simple answers. Our discussion-based focus helps all participants (including the teachers!) learn to listen to others, offer critical responses thoughtfully and charitably, and express their own questions and views clearly and precisely.

“These folks are amazing. The depth of reading, historical background, and knowledge they possess and impart to their students lasts a lifetime. If you’re a homeschooling parent or considering it, Dr. M’s literature classes are truly college-preparatory.”

Rachel B.

Study for mastery.


Not for grades.

Yes, we will give you a grade if you want or need one. But our goal is for you, whatever your current educational background is, to achieve real mastery of the subject. Some of the students leaving Scholars Online for college classes have a level of mastery on a par with students entering graduate study in their fields. Some of our adult students have found new ways to share their educational experience with their children. Whether your goal is advanced college work or personal enrichment, we will help you achieve a real grasp of the material for its own sake.

“Good education is more than learning facts or making good grades. Character development and thoughtful reasoning skills may be more important in the long run. So thankful my kids have had Dr. Christe, who not only teaches advanced, thought provoking material, but also uses the rigor of science to guide students toward being thoughtful members of society, who will hopefully be better at reconciliation and less prone to partisan bickering.”

Virginia C.

Learn for life.


Not for school.

Our academic track record clearly shows that our students are prepared to continue with and excel in their studies. But more importantly, they are prepared to live an informed life dedicated to the search for truth. We welcome adults to our classical education; many have found that it gives them what their college experience has not: a chance to grapple with questions of character development, integrity, community, and stewardship.

“I can’t begin to share all that our kids have learned from Scholars Online....yes, they have learned to balance a full work load and manage their time wisely. They have learned to make notecards and study in new, efficient ways. They have learned to meet rigorous deadlines. More importantly, their professors are teaching them to think....REALLY think. They are learning to respectfully discuss opposing viewpoints, they are grappling with ideas that point to a higher purpose.”

Stacy M.

Enrollment is now open for our 2023-2024 academic year sessions.

2024-2025 Summer and Academic Year Courses

Mathematics Courses for 2024-2025


Grades 9 and up

Students develop a logical system of thought by studying Euclidean and modern geometry using a variety of tools, including the traditional compass and straight-edge, origami, and modern computer graphics. Live chat sessions, hands-on demonstrations, and individual feedback from the teacher help students truly master the principles of geometry basic to advanced algebra, trigonometry, and calculus.

Click here for a full course description!

Algebra 2 (Advanced Algebra)

Grades 10 and up

Algebra II builds on concepts developed in Algebra I and geometry. Students investigate algebraic concepts and processes, then tackle formulas and symbolic representations employed in linear, quadratic, exponential, logarithmic, and rational and irrational functions. Students meet three times weekly for live chat, hands-on demonstrations, and personal feedback from the instructor.

Click here for a full course description!

Pre-Calculus with Trigonometry

Grades 11 and up

Students learn to integrate rigorous real world mathematical scenarios with technology as they study variables, complex wave patterns, and logistic functions using different tools. This course is designed to thoroughly ground students in the skills needed for further mathematical studies, including the challenge of calculus.

Click here for a full course description!

Science Courses for 2024-2025

The Chemical History of the Candle (Summer Course)

Grades 8 and up

Investigate the nature of flame, the composition of wax, the generation of gases, and the methods of science in this summer course based on Michael Faraday's ground-breaking 1861 lectures for children. Students perform the experiments Faraday used in his demonstrations and share their results, developing lab skills and learning how to analyze data and explain their observations clearly.

Click here for a full course description!

Check out our Complete list of courses or our more detailed Catalog of courses to find out more about our program.

    Join our learning community in three easy steps:

  1. Create your Scholars Online account.
  2. Add students to your account. (Adults are welcome!)
  3. Select the courses you want for each student, explain each student's readiness and preparation for the course, and request enrollment from the instructor.

If you have questions about whether a course is right for you, you can contact any of our teachers by clicking on their names in course listings or on the Community Teachers Page, or consult with the advisors listed on our Support Page .

New Podcast on our YouTube Channel:

Emily Pearson, a former student and a current teacher with Scholars Online, talks with Bruce McMenomy and Christe McMenomy about how to approach education in a way that places the primary emphasis on mastering the material rather than serving time at a heterogeneous sequence of tasks to achieve a partial mastery and a score or a grade. The conversation is somewhat freewheeling and wide-ranging, and the image quality (taken from a Zoom session) is none too good, but it does express something about how Scholars Online has tried to teach.

Of Mastery and Mistakes


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