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Scholars Online Policies: Working Together in an Academic Community

If you are a member or considering becoming a member, we will require you to affirm that you have read and understand our Terms of Use, Privacy protections, Cheating and Plagiarism rules, and Moodle policy. These rules of conduct govern our use of data and the relationships of parents, students, teachers, and administration at Scholars Online.

Many of the policies described below are practical requirements, but some of them are dictated by the federal and state laws under which we operate, and some of them are necessary to ensure the academic integrity of our students’ work. When one student cheats, everyone suffers. It is probably the most distressing situation we face as teachers and administrators.

We have tried to be very clear in the policy descriptions below. If you have any questions about any policy, contact the administration by using the “Email Us” link at the bottom of any page.

  1. Terms of Use covers policies for the use of the site.
  2. Privacy covers policies covering access to data that Scholars Online collects and retains for its business and academic purposes.
  3. Cheating and Plagiarism covers policies defining academic integrity and establishing procedures for dealing with cases of cheating and plagiarism.
  4. Chat Section Sizes covers policies limiting chat session sizes to ensure student interaction during live chat.
  5. Moodle Policy covers the specific rules for using Moodle resources.

Scholars Online is fully accredited through the Middle States Accreditation Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools.

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