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Using MOODLE Forums (Bulletin Boards)

Discussion is Essential

At Scholars Online, discussion is at the core of our teaching method. Students learn to think critically, read closely, and format clear responses to questions during live chat sessions, of course, but they are also encouraged to discuss subjects close to their heart using asynchronous methods as well.

Moodle Forums

The Moodle supports forums at many different levels. General forums are available to all current members, while course forums are restricted to members currently enrolled in a particular course or even class section.

The Moodle Open Forum

The most general forum of the Moodle provides all members with ways to connect and discuss materials outside of live chat. These have become the home of lively discussions about current events, recommendations for favorite movies, prayer requests, and the occasional puzzle or hangman game. Members of the forum group may post messages to the whole group at any time; other members may reply at any time. Messages are associated with topics or threads and ordered by posting date, so a reader coming into a discussion already in progress can quickly catch up.

Moodle Public Forums

Our Moodle supports several other general bulletin boards for its members who have special interests that transcend individual courses, including The Commons, which allows members to provide feedback to the administration on school methods and business, and a forum for discussing experiences with the college application process.

Moodle Course Forums

Every class created is automatically provided with a course forum; access to that forum is restricted to enrolled students and the course teachers. Students may additionally be members of "metacourse" forums for a given area, such as Latin or science. Enrolled students can visit any of these course forums at any time through the Moodle web interface, for news on course materials, posting of papers, problems, solutions, and discussion of various topics.

Moodle Forum Policies

Forums are public communication areas, and members should not assume that any materials posted on a forum is a private communication. Forums are monitored to ensure that submissions are consistent with our stated Moodle Policy and Terms of Use.

Scholars Online is fully accredited through the Middle States Accreditation Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools.

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