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Classical Homeschool Education

While we have had students from a variety of different backgrounds, including private and public schools seeking to expand their offerings and adult or independent learners, our chief efforts over the last decade have been directed toward providing a classical education with online courses for the Christian homeschooled student. We believe that the homeschooling movement in the United States and around the world has proven both its viability and its energy, and that it is particularly capable of being adapted to a classical approach. We developed a complete curriculum from which parents and students can chose individual courses to supplement their own curricula plans, but we've seen a growing trend among our students to view Scholars Online as the source for their complete classical homeschool education.

Scholars Online gets a commendation for having a whole child approach to learning, and combining the religious and secular mentalities in lessons.

Observations by the MSA-CESS accreditation team, 2020 visit

Support for the Homeschool Student at Scholars Online

Scholars Online teachers believe in challenging a student to go as far as he or she can, and follow through with rigorous instruction tailored to the student’s needs. For the student who can handle it, for example, we provide up to eight years of Greek or Latin instruction, mathematics through calculus, and up to six years of science instruction, including astronomy and history of science, as part of our science track. We know of no other classical online homeschool that does so.

Assessments, Grades, and Transcripts

We will attempt to supply assessments in the form required by state or local educational authorities or student programs. While we frankly prefer the flexibility and non-adversarial character of an ungraded situation, we realize that some schools and homeschooling umbrella organizations want to see numerical or letter grades, and we will work to provide those for the student who requires them. In the past, this has even included certification that our biology courses meet state requirements for health education. We will retain records in our secure database for parents and alumni who wish to download this information directly, or provide formal transcripts on Scholars Online letterhead for college applications or other purposes.

We are also concerned to conduct our instruction with the highest respect for the parent’s prerogatives. This will necessarily require that parents assume their responsibilities in the exchange; it also means that we will leave most points of doctrinal instruction up to them. While we teach according to our own Christian faith, and encourage the frank, honest, and courteous discussion of matters of faith between our students, we will not attempt to prescribe specifics of dogma for any student.

Scholars Online is fully accredited through the Middle States Accreditation Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools.

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