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Policy Statement

Scholars Online Class Size Policy

Classes in any environment work better when all enrolled students can participate in discussions and interact with each other and the teacher directly.

Class section minimums

Teachers set class size minimums each year when proposing curriculum. The default class minimum is three, which reflects the normal required minimum for a cooperative learning environment. The teacher may reset the minimum as low as one if the teacher is willing to support a quasi-tutorial learning situation and can adapt the course curriculum to do so.

Class section maximums

Teachers set class size maximums each year when proposing curriculum. The default section maximum is fifteen. If enrollment for a given section exceeds twenty students, teachers will be asked to divide the group into independent sections, to allow students to have adequate interaction time during chat sessions and balance load on the school server. Exceptions may be granted on a case-by-case basis.

Review of Class Size

All class section sizes are subject to annual review by the Board of Directors.
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