November 29: Anthony Browne

Anthony Browne, National Portrait Gallery detail

For today: Anthony Browne, First Viscount Montagu, born Nov 29, 1528. He’s important to us as an example of the man who is a member of the loyal opposition. Anthony Browne was the eldest son of a knight of considerable wealth whose estates included Battle Abbey and Hatchlands Park in Surrey and Sussex, and who… Continue reading November 29: Anthony Browne

November 21: The Mayflower Compact

Signing the Mayflower Compact, Bas relief memorial, Provincetown, MA.

On Nov 21, 1620, realizing that they had landed far north of their intended goal, which was the Colony of Virginia with its established connection to the British Crown, forty-one of the Mayflower’s 101 passengers signed the following agreement: IN THE NAME OF GOD, AMEN. We, whose names are underwritten, the Loyal Subjects of our… Continue reading November 21: The Mayflower Compact

The Politics of Perplexity in Twenty-First Century America

In the context of twenty-first century America, “politics” is perhaps one of the most curiously irritating words in the English language. I know from personal experience – whether from observing others, or from paying attention to myself – that there is a visceral reflex to feel something between annoyance and disgust upon hearing the word.… Continue reading The Politics of Perplexity in Twenty-First Century America