December 2: Chromatius

St. Jerome, St. Chromatius, St. Heliodorus

December 2 is the feast of Chromatius, bishop of Aquileia in Italy, who died in 406. He is one of those minor early Church Fathers who don’t get a lot of press, and he shows up in only in the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Calendars, but he’s definitely worth more than a cursory glance.… Continue reading December 2: Chromatius

November 30: Gregory of Tours

Gregory of Tours, Statue at the Louvre, Paris

I like Gregory of Tours. His feast is November 17, but I opted to talk about Möbius that day, so we’ll consider Gregory today, on the anniversary of his birth, A.D. November 30, 539. Students at Scholars Online have the rare opportunity to read Gregory, in English in Western Literature to Dante, or in Latin… Continue reading November 30: Gregory of Tours

November 29: Anthony Browne

Anthony Browne, National Portrait Gallery detail

For today: Anthony Browne, First Viscount Montagu, born Nov 29, 1528. He’s important to us as an example of the man who is a member of the loyal opposition. Anthony Browne was the eldest son of a knight of considerable wealth whose estates included Battle Abbey and Hatchlands Park in Surrey and Sussex, and who… Continue reading November 29: Anthony Browne