November 30: Gregory of Tours

Gregory of Tours, Statue at the Louvre, Paris

I like Gregory of Tours. His feast is November 17, but I opted to talk about Möbius that day, so we’ll consider Gregory today, on the anniversary of his birth, A.D. November 30, 539. Students at Scholars Online have the rare opportunity to read Gregory, in English in Western Literature to Dante, or in Latin… Continue reading November 30: Gregory of Tours

Crafting a Literature Program

The liberal arts are, to great measure, founded on written remains, from the earliest times to our own. Literature (broadly construed to take in both fiction and non-fiction) encompasses a bewildering variety of texts, genres, attitudes, belief systems, and just about everything else. Like history (which can reasonably be construed to cover everything we know,… Continue reading Crafting a Literature Program