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Textbooks for both Summer and Academic Year 2019 Courses

Courses in Greek
Greek I • [2019] Sarah Esposito
  Required Greek: An Intensive Course [Edition required: 2]
Hardy Hansen, Gerald M. Quinn

This is the second revised edition. Please note. Earlier editions are not going to work for us. You may choose to get instead the hardback copy of the second edition, but that's up to you.

  Optional Greek New Testament: With English Introduction including Greek/English dictionary [Edition required: 4]
Kurt Aland (editor)

This is optional, but our students often ask for a recommendation for a Greek New Testament. Most students can read it reasonably easily by the end of the first year, with just the help of some vocabulary support.

Greek II • [2019] Sarah Esposito
  Required Greek: An Intensive Course [Edition required: 2]
Hardy Hansen, Gerald M. Quinn

Second revised edition. Hardcover version may be substituted. The student probably already has this from Greek I.

  Optional Greek New Testament: With English Introduction including Greek/English dictionary [Edition required: 4]
Kurt Aland (Editor)

Optional though recommended: regular reading in the Greek New Testament is an excellent way to bolster one's Greek and to achieve a better mastery of Scripture.

Greek III • [2019] Bruce McMenomy
  Required A Greek Reader for Schools [Any edition]
C. E. Freeman, W. D. Lowe

This is a reprint of a much older book, but still a solid selection of readings which are both entertaining and conducive to the development of fluency. Most of the passages have been edited somewhat from their original forms (Herodotus' Ionic dialect has been systematically Atticized throughout), but the work is solid and tractable.

  Required Plato: Apology [Any edition]
Plato, James J. Helm (Editor)
  Required Syntactical Mechanics [Any edition]
Bruce A. McMenomy
  Optional All the Greek Verbs [Any edition]
N. Marinone

Not required, but this volume is worth its weight in frustration: it locates verbs according to their (often wildly divergent) principal parts.

  Optional An Intermediate Greek-English Lexicon, Founded upon the 7th ed. of Liddell and Scott's Greek-English Lexicon [Any edition]
H. G. Liddell, Robert Scott

This is enough of a Greek lexicon to carry the student through an undergraduate career in classics and well into graduate school. It is not required for this course, but it will always be helpful and will not quickly become obsolete. It is worth noting that there are iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch versions of the full Liddell and Scott (which retails for about $200 if you can find it on sale) for two or three dollars. If you have the necessary hardware, this is a very congenial solution to the lexicon problem.

  Optional Greek Grammar [Any edition]
Herbert Weir Smyth, Gordon M. Messing

Not absolutely required, but very strongly recommended. If you have funds to buy only one non-required volume for Greek, this should be it. Revised edition.

Greek VI • [2019] Bruce McMenomy
  Required Gorgias [Any edition]
Plato, E. R. Dodds, ed.

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