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Our teachers have carefully selected classical education textbooks which present their course materials in an organized manner, but which also reflect our primary mission to provide a rigorous and thorough preparation for the life of the mind in Christ. Please read the information supplied in their notes carefully. In some cases, you may be able to substitute editions, but not in others. In many cases, used versions of the textbook will be available through Amazon or ABE Books. If you have any questions about the appropriateness of a text for your student, or about the correct edition to buy, please contact the teacher.

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During the early part of the calendar year, the bookstore may list textbooks for courses from both the current academic year, and the upcoming summer and fall academic years. Not all textbooks will be listed until teachers approve course descriptions and select their books. Be sure that you order books for the correct enrollment year.

Textbooks for both Summer and Academic Year 2023 Courses

Courses in History

Around the World in Nine Weeks (1792) • [2023 (Summer)] Christe McMenomy
No texts are listed for this course at this time.

World History I (1782) • [2023] Christe McMenomy
  Required: Patterns of World History, Volume I: To 1600 [Edition required: 4]
Peter Von Sivers, Charles A. Desnoyers, and George B. Snow

There are several versions of the 4th edition. The ISBN above is to the Volume I edition without sources. You may also purchase the combined volume (containing all readings for the two year course) or the volumes with sources. Previous editions will not be acceptable, however.

Courses in Government

United States Government: the Constitution (1749) • [2023] Karl Oles
  Required: Constitution of the United States of America. [Edition required: 1]
James Madison et al.

Obviously this text is widely available, including many full-text online versions, one of which is linked here. Any version will serve, so long as the student can refer to it easily. Annotated versions, in any form, are welcome but not required. See course description for further details on course materials.

  Required: The Federalist [Edition required: 1]
Alexander Hamilton, et al.

Many editions are available in print and online. Make sure you get the full text.

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