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There are several hundred books listed in the textbook section. Select a sequence to review a list of the courses and textbooks for that sequence. You may browse through the entire section if you want to see all our text choices by clicking on "Textbooks", but please be aware that this may take significant time to load and you must be patient.

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During the early part of the calendar year, the bookstore may list textbooks for courses from both the current academic year, and the upcoming summer and fall academic years. Not all textbooks will be listed until teachers approve course descriptions and select their books. Be sure that you order books for the correct enrollment year.

Textbooks for both Summer and Academic Year 2019 Courses

Courses in ModernLanguages
French 1 • [2019] Alexandra Dascalu Nelson
  Required D'accord 1, 2015, Langue et culture du Monde Francophone, Vista Higher Learning [Any edition]
Vista Higher Learning

Please also gain access to the supersite.

  Required D'accord 1, 2015, Supersite and Cahier Interactif codes [Any edition]

Old English • [2019] Bruce McMenomy
  Required A Guide to Old English [Edition required: 8]
Bruce Mitchell, Fred C. Robinson
  Required Word-Hoard: An Introduction to Old English Vocabulary [Edition required: 2]
Stephen A. Barney

French 2 • [2019] Alexandra Dascalu Nelson
  Required D'accord 1, 2011, Supersite and Cahier Interactif codes [Any edition]

ISBN: 978167679377 Please purchase package directly from the publisher, Vista Higher Learning. We use D'accord Level 1 for part of the year and D'accord Level 2 for the second part of the year.

  Required D'accord 2, 2011, Supersite and Cahier Interactif codes [Any edition]

ISBN: 9781617679391 Please purchase the package directly from Vista Higher Learning. We begin D'accord 2 around February,

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