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Textbooks for both Summer and Academic Year 2019 Courses

Courses in Science
Natural Science I • [2019] Christe McMenomy
No texts are listed for this course at this time.

Natural Science II • [2019] Christe McMenomy
No texts are listed for this course at this time.

The Chemical History of the Candle • [2019] Christe McMenomy
  Required The Chemical History of the Candle [Edition required: 1]
Michael Faraday

Several editions of this book are available, including a downloadable PDF version. See the teacher's website for further details. Any version is acceptable.

Introduction to Physics: The Forces of Nature • [2019] Christe McMenomy
  Required On the Various Forces of Nature [Any edition]
Michael Faraday

Available in free ePUB format at or at

  Required Understand Physics: Teach Yourself [Edition required: 3]
Jim Breithaupt

Astronomy • [2019] Christe McMenomy
  Required Universe [Edition required: 11]
Robert Geller; Roger Freedman; William J Kaufmann

This text is also available from VitalSource in eBook only edition.

Honors Chemistry • [2019] Christe McMenomy
  Required Chemistry and Chemical Reactivity - Hardcover [Edition required: 9]
John C. Kotz, Paul M. GTreichel, John Townsend, David Treichel

The hardcover, softcover, and eBook versions of the ninth edition include all materials required for the course. This edition has been out for several years and should be widely available used. Because the HYDRID edition does not include homework problems and does require additional fees for OWL access, we do not recommend it for this course. No OWL access will be required for the Core Chemistry course or the AP Option.

AP Chemistry Option • [2019] Christe McMenomy
  Required Illustrated Guide to Home Chemistry Experiments [Edition required: 1]
Robert Bruce Thompson

We will use this text as the basis of our chemistry lab efforts.

  Optional Home Chemistry Laboratory Kit CK01A [Any edition]
Robert B. and Barbara F. Thompson

The CK01A version of the chemistry kit contains most (but not all) equipment required to complete the AP level chemistry experiments for this course. While it is possible to secure individual items for each lab, and may be less expensive for students completing only the Honors option, you may find purchase the kit more convenient.

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