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Textbooks for both Summer and Academic Year 2019 Courses

Courses in Writing
Cursus Scriptorum: Writing With Honors • [2019] Bruce McMenomy
  Required The Elements of Style [Edition required: 4]
William Strunk, EB White

We selected this classic handbook of style for its high quality and its wide availability---no copy should cost more than ten dollars, if that, and it should be available in almost any bookstore. Any edition will serve.

  Optional A Writer's Reference [Edition required: 7]
Diana Hacker

This can be quite an expensive book to buy new. Prior editions and used copies are entirely acceptable. You may also use another reputable grammar book for reference as well, such as one of the many editions of Warriner's Grammar and Composition.

Practical Grammar • [2019] Christe McMenomy
  Required Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation [Any edition]
Lynne Truss

Again, much less expensive at; also available at your library.

  Required Line by Line : How to Edit Your Own Writing [Any edition]
Clair Kehrwald Cook

Any edition works!

  Required Painless Grammar [Any edition]
Rebecca Elliott, Ph.D.

Molding Your Prose • [2019] Bruce McMenomy
No texts are listed for this course at this time.

Molding Your Argument • [2019] Bruce McMenomy
No texts are listed for this course at this time.

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