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Academic Year 2022-2023 • Grade 7 and above • ModernLanguages Sequence

French 1

French 1 through live classes with Audio (Zoom) and the Scholars Online Chat: At the end of the first-year program, it is hoped that the student will have reached an A1 level as defined by the Council of Europe scale. This is a level of basic communication about the speakers’ immediate concrete needs, his or her background, the world surrounding him or her, and everyday routines.

The program focuses on communication skills, grammar, vocabulary, and culture. The grammar allows for formation of simple sentences and questions in the present and in the past. The vocabulary includes words necessary for everyday life such as the family, school, shopping, numbers, etc. The cultures of the French-speaking world are also presented with topics such as greetings, the café, the French family, sports and leisure, friendship, travel in France, and many more. All areas of communication, speaking, listening, reading, and writing are practiced.

The material is presented through a textbook which uses real French documents and media. Ample audio and visual material is provided in the integrated multimedia Supersite. Students do exercises in an online workbook which allows the teacher to give immediate feedback. Students are expected to spend at least thirty minutes to one hour a day studying at home. The most important part of the class, however, is the two weekly hours of online class time, where students put what they are learning into practice and gain confidence in their communication skills.

Please 1. Be prepared to use Zoom for the audio/video portion of the test and for marker board interaction. 2. Have access to the FULL VHL supersite plus and online workbook. A virtual text is available, as well as a physical hardcover book.

Course Website: French 1

Sections and Teachers

Section 1:

Instructor: Alexandra Dascalu Nelson

Starts: September 6, 2022
Ends: June 2, 2023

Wednesday 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM ET • Friday 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM ET

Tuition: $550.00

Recommended background

The students need a solid base in English grammar. This includes understanding sentence structure and parts of speech. Other foreign language experience is a plus, but is not a requirement. They must be willing to spend almost an hour a day on exercises and studying. Languages are like musical instruments: daily study sessions go farther than studying for a long time the night before a quiz or test.

Teacher's notes:

The stated weekdays and times are not set in stone. Class times are extremely flexible, as long as the proposed time/day change is suitable for all students and the instructor, who is most frequently on PST. Please do not hesitate to contact the instructor to arrange class times.

Textbooks and Materials

This item is required:

D'accord 1, 2019, Langue et culture du Monde Francophone, Vista Higher Learning , Authors: Vista Higher Learning

ISBN: 978-1-54330-032-1

Publisher's website: D'accord 1, 2019, Langue et culture du Monde Francophone, Vista Higher Learning

Best sources: Vista Higher Learning - There is an option that allows the purchase of the book plus the other requires elements (Supersite and ecahier).

Other information: Please also gain access to the supersite + ecahier

This item is required:

D'accord 1, 2019, Supersite Plus (w/ vText) + eCahier Code

ISBN: 978-1-68005-927-4

Publisher's website: D'accord 1, 2019, Supersite Plus (w/ vText) + eCahier Code

Best sources:

Other information: There is an option to buy the Book and the Supersite Plus (w/ vText) + eCahier Code.

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