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Summer 2022 • Grade 6 and above • Writing Sequence

For reference only; see current year course listing for course availability and details.

How to Become a Precocious Student

Learn the study methods of master students!

Students often struggle with basic study skills, superficially passing over material in an effort to finish assigned tasks and check them off, but not really understanding or retaining what they are learning. In this eight-week course, we'll look at critical study skills every student needs, including how to make friends with your textbook, decipher graphical information, memorize important facts, and manage time for both short term and long term projects. We'll also talk about the importance of concentration and contemplation in mastering complex material.

Because this course benefits the teachers as well as the student, students completing this summer course will receive $50 credit toward one academic year 2022-2023 course they enroll in. Credits may not be transferred to another student.

Sections and Teachers

Section 1:

Instructors: Christe McMenomy and Bruce McMenomy

Starts: June 13, 2022
Ends: August 19, 2022

Thursday 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM ET

Tuition: $200.00


No prerequisites.

Recommended background

No background required.

Textbooks and Materials

There are no textbook or materials currently required for this course. Check instructor's notes above for additional information, or contact the instructor.

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