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Academic Year 2024-2025 • Grade 7 and above • Mathematics Sequence


Why can’t we divide by 0? What amazing things happen when we multiply a number by itself? Why are triangles so important? This course challenges middle school students to explore, experiment, and question as they master the concepts needed for success in future math courses. By the end of the course, students will have advanced preparation for Algebra I, including number theory, fractions and decimals, exponents and roots, equations and inequalities, simple trigonometry, and basic statistics. Live classes will take place over Zoom, and students will need to interact via Zoom's whiteboard. Additionally, students will need access to free online math tools and websites (e.g., the Desmos online graphing calculator, spinner apps, etc.) for hands-on learning both in live classes and in project assignments.

Course Website: Pre-Algebra

Sections and Teachers

Section 1:

Instructor: Rachel Lott

Starts: September 3, 2024
Ends: May 15, 2025

Tuesday 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM ET • Thursday 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM ET

Tuition: $700.00


Pre-algebra requires a solid understanding of arithmetic using whole numbers and fractions.

Textbooks and Materials

This item is required:

Prealgebra: The Art of Problem Solving [Edition or Version: 1], Authors: Richard Rusczyk, David Patrick, Ravi Boppana

ISBN: 1934124214

Publisher's website: Prealgebra: The Art of Problem Solving

Best sources: Available from the Art of Problem Solving (AoPS).

Other information: Please purchase both the textbook and the solutions manual. Text ISBN: 978-1-934124-21-5 // Solutions ISBN: 978-1-934124-22-2

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