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Our summer short course in programming offers beginning programming students of any age the opportunity to learn the rudiments of programming and create interactive animations using the browser-based SCRATCH interface from MIT's Lifelong Kindergarten Group. The SCRATCH environment emphasizes development of fundamental computational thinking skills, including abstraction, using algorithms, decomposing problems into parts, recognizing patterns, and generalizing solutions to cover a range of similar problems. Students learn to plan a sequence of actions, use loops and processes controlled by fixed and variable conditions, create parallel activities for multiple "sprites", respond to user-initiated events, and develop skills in problem analysis and resolution, fondly known as "debugging techniques".

Our academic year programming course provides more formal instruction in these important concepts using the Clojure programming language. Students analyze requirements and create program segments in Cloture each week to develop basic fluency, then plan and create a more complex project.

Individual courses

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> Introduction to Programming with Scratch • 2019 listing - for reference only • Grade 7 or above • [Summer course]

> HTML Basics • Offering for 2020 • Grade 7 or above • [Summer course]

> Introduction to Programming with Scratch • Offering for 2020 • Grade 7 or above • [Summer course]

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