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Scholars Online Summer Calendar for 2020-2021

Important Dates for Summer 2020

Normal Registration for summer session opens 1 March 2020, and closes on 15 June 2020 (extended with no late fees!).
  • Membership and registration fees are due upon enrollment to hold a seat in any course.
  • Full tuition payment is due by 15 June 2020. Late registration may be allowed with teacher permission.
  • All tuition and fees must be paid in full before a student may attend class, unless other arrangements have been confirmed by the Accounts administrator.
  • Late registration and enrollment is at the teacher's discretion.
Refund policy:
Please check our current refund policy on the Tuition and Fees page.

The following list of courses is not yet complete -- we will be adding courses in anticipation of opening registration, and of course, new courses may be added after registration starts.

Summer Calendar

Courses will not list below until teachers have completed submitting information on course content and schedules. Please check back after 1 February if you do not yet see your course listed.

Hold your cursor over the course abbreviation for its full name.
For full information about any course, click on the small arrow [→] next to the course name.


Courses marked with an asterisk (*) start or end on the quarter hour. Sections are given in brackets.

Start Time
8:00 AM     
8:30 AM     
9:00 AM     
9:30 AM  NineWeeks_20 [1]
10:00 AM  NineWeeks_20 [1]
10:30 AM  NineWeeks_20 [1]
11:00 AM Candle_20 [1]
Scratch_20 [1]
11:30 AM Candle_20 [1]
Scratch_20 [1]
12:00 PM Candle_20 [1]
Scratch_20 [1]
12:30 PM     
1:00 PM  HTML_20 [1]
1:30 PM  HTML_20 [1]
2:00 PM  HTML_20 [1]
2:30 PM     
3:00 PM     
3:30 PM     
4:00 PM     
4:30 PM     
5:00 PM     
5:30 PM     
6:00 PM     
6:30 PM     
7:00 PM     
7:30 PM     
8:00 PM     
8:30 PM     
9:00 PM     
9:30 PM     
10:00 PM     

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