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Scholars Online Summer Calendar for 2024

Classical Online Education Courses for Summer 2024

Important Deadlines for Summer Session Classes 2024

(See the Academic Year Schedule 2024 for academic year dates.)

Enrollment period for summer session courses 2024:
Normal Registration for summer session classes opens 1 March 2024.
Membership and Registration fee due dates:
Membership and registration fees are due at enrollment in order to hold a student's seat. Enrollment requests may be cancelled if membership and registration fees have not been paid within two weeks of teacher acceptance of a student into a course.
Please note that membership and registration fees are non-refundable. They represent your commitment to support the course and allow us to contract with teachers to provide your students the best education possible.
Tuition due dates for classes:
Full tuition for summer session courses must be paid by 7 June 2024 to avoid late fees. This deadline applies even if you choose to pay in installments over the spring and summer, unless you make arrangements with the accounts manager.
Late enrollment
Enrollments after formal enrollment closes may be charged a late fee for accelerated account processing.
Refund Policy:
Please check our current refund policy on the Tuition and Fees page.
Class admission:
Students who have not completed membership, registration, and full tuition payments by the start of chat sessions, or made alternate arrangements with the accounts manager, will not be admitted to class.

Summer Class Session Dates and Holidays

Orientation to Scholars Online Course Delivery and Policies
Orientation courses for Moodle, chat, and policies are held in early June for new students attending summer courses. These are self-enrolled courses offered as part of your Scholars Online membership.
Class Session Start Dates
Officially, the 2024 summer session classes begin the week of June 10, 2024 and may last until August 16, 2024, depending on the number of class meetings.
Fourth of July Holiday
July 4 falls on Thursday in 2024. Generally, classes are not held during the week in which July 4 falls.

Individual teachers may at their own discretion grant more extensive holidays around the Fourth of July week. Be sure to check the individual course descriptions and schedules as soon as you receive Moodle access for your classes for chat session schedules.

Summer Session Weekly Schedule

For full information about any course, click on the course name. Numbers in parenthesis indication sections. For example, Latin1 (3) in the 3:30pm time slot on Tuesday and Thursday indicates that Latin, Year One, Section 3 meets at 3:30pm on those days. You may change the time zone to show course times for your location.


Courses marked with an asterisk (*) start or end on the quarter hour. Sections are given in parentheses.

Start Time
8:00 AM     
8:30 AM     
9:00 AM     
9:30 AM Research (1)
Precocious (1)
10:00 AM Research (1)
Precocious (1)
10:30 AM Research (1)
Precocious (1)
11:00 AM MYP (1)
Candle (1)
NineWks (1)
MYA (1)
 Laches_42 (1)
11:30 AM MYP (1)
Candle (1)
NineWks (1)
MYA (1)
 Laches_42 (1)
12:00 PM MYP (1)
Candle (1)
NineWks (1)
MYA (1)
 Laches_42 (1)
12:30 PM     
1:00 PM Scratch (1)
LookingME (1)
SummerShakeI (1)
 Treasure (1)
1:30 PM Scratch (1)
LookingME (1)
SummerShakeI (1)
P_Grammar (1)
Treasure (1)
2:00 PM Scratch (1)
LookingME (1)
SummerShakeI (1)
P_Grammar (1)
Treasure (1)
2:30 PM  SummerShakeI (1)
P_Grammar (1)
3:00 PM     
3:30 PM     
4:00 PM     
4:30 PM     
5:00 PM     
5:30 PM     
6:00 PM     
6:30 PM     
7:00 PM     
7:30 PM     
8:00 PM     
8:30 PM     
9:00 PM     
9:30 PM     
10:00 PM     

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