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Scholars Online employs a unique approach to Classical Christian education, rooted in a respectful community of people holding a wide range of beliefs. We have been offering exceptionally rigorous academic content to students for over a decade. Examine our curricula in any area, and you'll see why our students are academically competitive on the national and international stage. Our no-shortcuts approach provides an honest, robust path to the process of living the life of the mind in Christ.

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Course Spotlight: Honors/AP Biology

The study of biology has become more crucial with growing debates over ethical use of genetic information and the new controversies that inevitably arise when concerns over global changes in climate and habitat confront the practical needs of humans for food and other resources. How do we evaluate the wealth of data being gathered and presented by scientists with different agendae? How do we determine the best use of our planet's resources? How do we make decisions about our own health? How can we learn to simply better appreciate the variety of living things in our world?

All of these questions require a basic knowledge of what we mean by "life" and the tools we use to explore living creatures from simple cells through multicelluar plants to the complex and intricate human body. The Scholars Online AP/Honors Biology course tackles the study of life and living creatures with a rigorous syllabus and hands-on lab work that have been certified by the College Board as meeting or exceeding the standards for AP Biology. Live chat allows students to engage with the material and each other over different interpretations of scientific evidence, including their own lab work!

Students who do have the time to perform all AP activity requirements may still complete the course for Honors credit.

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Full year courses range from $300-$600 per year, and live chat sessions meet one to three times each week so that teachers can provide timely feedback and individual attention to each student. Adults are welcome, too!

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Scholars Online is currently engaged in accreditation evaluation by MSA-CESS for the 2017-2018 academic year. Courses taken from Fall 2009 - Spring 2017 were fully accredited by AdvancED and NWAC. For more information on accreditation, see our Scholars Online Accreditation page.