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Course: Latin III

V Latin III • 2017 listing - for reference only • Grade 9 or above • Latin Sequence
* Primary Instructor
Bruce McMenomy
* Sections
[Enrolled students will be notified if teacher schedules change between course posting at the time enrollment opens and the scheduled start of classes. Please see Tuition and Fees for refund policy.]
Section 1 Instructor: Bruce McMenomy
Classes meet from September 5, 2017 to June 1, 2018
Tuesday 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM ET • Thursday 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM ET
Enrollment Policy: Full Year Only
Tuition: $500.00

* Website
Please review more extensive materials at the teacher's Latin III website.
* Description
An intermediate reading course, made up predominantly of prose readings from Republican Roman historical sources. It will also involve a systematic exposure to the early course of Roman history.
* Meetings
This course meets 2 times per week for discussion and review of assigned homework.
* Homework
Latin III will offer a regular course of readings from the text anthology focusing primarily on Republican Rome, regular reading in the history texts, and vocabulary and grammar quizzing and review. A student should normally expect to spend an hour to an hour and a half outside class each day in preparation: half an hour to an hour of translation, fifteen minutes of vocabulary drill, and fifteen minutes of reading in the historical material. The amount of time required will vary with the student's flexibility with translating.
* Prerequisites
Latin II or equivalent.
* Recommended background
Any previous historical reading in Roman history will be helpful, and any complete elementary course sequence (Wheelock, Henle, Oxford, Cambridge, or others) should suffice as preparation for the grammatical part of the course.
V Textbooks and Materials
* Aeneas to Augustus (Edition: 2)
Mason Hammond, Anne Amory
This text is required.
ISBN: 0674006003
Best sources: Scholars Online Bookstore
* Ancient Rome: An Introductory History
Paul A. Zoch
This text is required.
ISBN: 0806132876
Best sources: Scholars Online Bookstore
* Handbook to Life in Ancient Rome
Lesley Adkins, Roy A. Adkins
This text is required.
ISBN: 0195123328
Best sources: Scholars Online Bookstore
* Syntactical Mechanics (Edition: 1)
Bruce A. McMenomy
This text is required.
ISBN: 0806144947
Best sources: Scholars Online Bookstore

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